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I received a B.S. in Chemistry from Queens College in New York City. I also attended business and management courses during my years in the scientific information business. After retiring, I switched gears from fact-based literature to writing fiction, but science still plays a part in my stories. National Novel Writing Month in 2008 gave me a great boost in just writing. After that, with the help of critique groups and writing classes, I’ve honed my craft. Recently, I’ve attended online creative writing courses at Writers Village University, and I’m a mentor’s apprentice during the survey writing class, F2K. In June 2014, my first fantasy novel, The Crimson Orb, was published by Assent Publications. The sequel is due out in September. I’ve also had a few short stories published in anthologies. My husband and I moved to Albuquerque in 2008.


TheCrimsonOrbTitle: The Crimson Orb
Publisher: Assent Publications (2014)
Genre: YA Fantasy

While thousands of people travel to Meecham to seek the legendary Crimson Orb, teenage Nissa Day seeks her missing magic teacher, the wizard Madoc, who failed to return after a journey to care for his ailing father. Together with her older brother Blane, she rides east from Holm Manor to look for him, taking two strange books they found in Madoc’s chambers. They secure passage from East Harbor to Fairhaven, the capital of the East Islands. At the Citadel in Fairhaven, they are joined by Madoc’s brother Gareth, sister Carys, and two of Gareth’s men. Their perilous journey back across the sea, then south on horseback and west through the Frozen Tundra of Sorn eventually brings them to Meecham, a town teaming with Orb seekers. Madoc is being held by four outlaws, who believe he can lead them to the Orb before anyone else. Through their adventures, Nissa learns how little she knows about her world. She is able to develop unexpected skills, including the ability to mindspeak with Madoc.

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Short Stories

TheWayBack“Princess Petra” ♦ Fantasy
Anthology: The Way Back
Publisher: DangerBoy Books (2014)

This anthology of stories is something special. It’s the culmination of four months of extremely hard work and dedication by eleven outstanding authors. Through a course at Writers’ Village University, we offered them a chance to go beyond regular teaching and learn how to dramatically improve their storytelling to the point of having their stories publishable. But it came with a catch: they had to be willing to put in the work. Lots of work. This book is the result of those months we watched them transform from “just writers” into full-blown professionals. They were asked to take chances that some of then, frankly, weren’t prepared to take. Our class started with twenty-five students. It ended with these eleven stories. Eleven fantastic stories spanning all genres, each tale deserving recognition. Don’t miss this chance to read a handful of authors on the brink of breaking out in the industry.

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TastefulMurders“Say Cheese” ♦ Mystery
Anthology: Tasteful Murders (2014)

A well-done murder should leave a good taste in the survivor’s mouth, like a delicious dinner accompanied with pleasant conversation. Gentle reader, please enjoy this killer forty-three course feast. Bon appétit. Contributors to this murder anthology are: Rose Anderson, Judy Beaston, Tom Britz, Candace C. Bowen, Candy Burke, Dovey Mayali Cralk, Paul R. De Lancey, SK Delph, Nandy Ekle, Ellorien, Lisa Finch, Lorenz Font, Rose Gardener, Amy Buckheister Gettinger, Joyce Hertzoff, Michelle Hickman, Rob Houglan, RJ Jeffreys, V.E. Jorden, Mark Kennet, Karen M. Kidd, H. A. Lamb, Kelli Sue Landon, Sarah Laurenson, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Desirée Lee, D.K. Mason, Eileen Matsumuro, JT Norton, Mysti Parker, Roxe Anne Peacock, Leona Pence, D.J. Pitsiladis, Pearl Prokopowicz, Sandra Riley, Riley Ross, Vivian Samuel, P.D. Shaw, Kally Jo Surbeck, M.J. Sydney, Beth Tully, Carol R. Ward, Alex Westhaven.

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TheDarwinMurders“Natural Death” ♦ Mystery
Anthology: The Darwin Murders (2013)

The dark humor of The Darwin Awards inspired this anthology. The authors here achieved the same mood with murder, feeling humanity should be better off without their victims. Happy murdering for goodness sakes.

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