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Jim Tritten, Blaire Logan (with Sandi Hoover)


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Jim retired after a forty-four year career with the Department of Defense including duty as a carrier-based naval aviator. He holds advanced degrees from the University of Southern California and formerly served as a faculty member and National Security Affairs department chair at the Naval Postgraduate School. Dr. Tritten’s publications have won him twenty-nine writing awards, including the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award from the Navy League of the U.S. He has published five books and over three hundred chapters, short stories, essays, articles, and government technical reports. Jim was a frequent speaker at many military, arms control, and international conferences and has seen his work translated into Russian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


CorralesWritingGroupAnthologyAnthology: Corrales Writing Group 2014 Anthology
♦ Editor, Contributor

Publisher: CreateSpace (2014)
Genre: Mixed

“So How Much Did Those Running Shoes Cost?” ♦ Memoir
“Get-Home-Itis” ♦ Memoir
“Kato’s Grand Adventure” ♦ Co-author: Jasmine Tritten ♦ Short Story

This anthology is a compilation of work written by members of the Corrales Writing Group, located in central New Mexico. It includes memoirs, humor, philosophy, fantasy, poignancy, whimsy and fiction that will make the reader laugh, cry, smile, and reminisce. Topics range from romance, to travel, multiple types of aviation, jokes, the meaning of life, sailing, village life, close encounters with wild animals, a burial, an automobile accident, a bedtime and a children’s story.

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Doctrine ReaderTitle: A Doctrine Reader
Sub-title: The Navies of the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Spain
Publisher: Department of the Navy (2006)
Genre: Military Nonfiction

In March 1993, the United States Navy and Marine Corps established the Naval Doctrine Command as the primary authority for the development of naval concepts and integrated naval doctrine. Although this was the first time the sea services had established a formal command to prepare and publish multi-service naval doctrine, it was not the first time that either service, or navies in general, had formal written doctrine. In the minds of most serving officers, however, doctrine was something new for the fleet. The major message of A Doctrine Reader is that naval and navy doctrine is not new and there is value today in reviewing the lessons from of past doctrinal development experiences. Newport Paper #9 contains the results of research conducted on 5 navies. Each has a unique story to tell, and each story has value for us today. This paper concludes with an interpretive essay on the relationship of doctrine to technology and makes a strong case for the uniqueness of naval warfare.

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Our New National Security Strategy jpegTitle: Reconstituting America’s Defense
Sub-title: The New U.S. National Security Strategy
Publisher: Praeger (1992)

Genre: Military Nonfiction

This book analyzes President Bush’s new Regional Defense Strategy–the master plan that will guide the transformation of U.S. defense policy for the post-Cold War era. Most recent books on defense prescribe how U.S. policy ought to change or critique past policies without taking Bush’s new strategy into account. This book takes a different approach, providing the first comprehensive assessment of the new Regional Defense Strategy, analyzing the consequences for U.S. forces and alliance relations, and examining the political difficulties of transforming President Bush’s vision into reality. It explains major changes in U.S. defense doctrine and strategy, force and command structure, future programming requirements, and the major question of how such a significant change was managed in the United States.

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SovietNavalForcesAndNuclearWarfareTitle: Soviet Naval Forces and Nuclear Warfare
Sub-title: Weapons, Employment, and Policy
Publisher: Westview (1986)

Genre: Military Nonfiction

Based on formal content analysis of the writings of Admiral Gorshkov and past Soviet ministers of defense and heads of the Politburo, James Tritten interprets what the Soviets say they will do in the event of nuclear war. He then constructs a hardware and exercise analysis of the strategic employment of the Soviet Navy in a nuclear war, offering three possible cases–the “bolt from the blue,” with existing forces on patrol; full mobilization; and a plausible case of partial mobilization. In addition, Dr. Tritten examines, from a Soviet perspective, concepts of deterrence, the strategic goals and missions of the fleet, nuclear targeting policy, the Sea Lines of Communication disruption mission, and the potential for tactical nuclear warfare limited to the sea. The author concludes by assessing the implications of Soviet politico-military planning for Western defense strategy and arms control.

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Articles/Essays/Short Stories

“Illustrated Man” ♦ As You Were: The Military Review / May 29, 2017
“The Perfect Woman” ♦ Tickled Inc. / March 31, 2017
“Taking Off the Uniform” ♦ As You Were: The Military Review / November 11, 2016
“Dad I’m on an All-Plant Diet” ♦ The Basil O’ Flaherty / November 11, 2016
“Saunagus” ♦ Lost River: A Literary Magazine / Issue 1, Fall 2016, pp. 31-37
“The Perfect Woman” ♦ The Basil O’ Flaherty / July 10, 2016
“Only in New Mexico: Bona Fides” ♦ New Mexico Magazine / December 2015
“New Realities” ♦ Blue Nostalgia: A Journal of Post-Traumatic Growth, Summer 2015
“The Story of a U.S. Navy S-2 Tracker that lost one engine, at night, in bad weather, off Norway” ♦ The Aviationist / January 23, 2015
“The Jim Effect” ♦ National Alliance on Mental Illness / November 12, 2014
“Forgotten soldiers of a forgotten war” ♦ Albuquerque Journal / November 10, 2014
“Round Engines” ♦ The Wings of Gold / Winter 2013

Short Story/Essay Collections

“To Begin Again” ♦ with Chris Allen and Maureen Cooke
Anthology Askew Volume 004: Askew Communications (September 30, 2017), 73-89
The Criterion eJournal / Vol. 8, Issue II (April 2017), 1231-1241
Quail Bell Magazine (June 19, 2017)

In this fourth journey into the hearts and minds of askew wordsmiths, we challenged our artists to explore the many facets of communication, in any of its forms. They didn’t let us down. In these pages, you will have a chance to experience some of these forms of communication, from letters and journals, to radio and video transmissions. We will explore both the fulfillment that comes from communicating successfully, and the remorse or despair that can arise when we try to do so and fail. There is perhaps no other group of people for whom the communication of ideas and stories means more, than the authors and poets who are compelled to share their visions and their imaginations with the world. We hope you have fun reading these many different views of what communication means. We have once again brought together some of the best writing talent to be found. Prepare to experience an array of perspectives that is truly like no other, and definitely askew.

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Anthology Askew Volume 004: Amazon

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Quail Bell Magazine: “To Begin Again”

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The Criterion: “To Begin Again”

“Enough to Kill” ♦ Pen name: Blaire Logan (with Sandi Hoover)
Anthology Askew Volume 003: Askew Adventures (July 2, 2017), 25-34
Rizal Journal, Issue 1 (December 28, 2016), 10-21
The Criterion eJournal, Vol. 7, Issue VI (December 2016), 377-384

This third volume in the Anthology Askew series is all about adventure. The stories, flashes and poems in this volume cover many genres and types of writing, and they may just make you reevaluate what you consider adventure to be. With Askewian Authors, expect the unexpected.

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Anthology Askew Volume 003: Amazon
Rizal Journal: Amazon

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The Criterion: “Enough to Kill”

“Dear Dr. Davis”
Anthology: Escaping the Vault: Letters of May Anthology 2017
Publisher: Julie Alcin (May 2017)

Letters of May – Anthology 2017 is the first in the series “Letters of May”. It is an anthology created to raise awareness for mental health issues through the written and visual arts.

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“21st Century Illustrated Man”
“Entr’acte One”
“The Perfect Woman”
“Round Engines”
“Sauna Gus”

Anthology: Passages: A Corrales Writing Group Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (January 2017)

Passages is the fourth anthology from the Corrales Writing Group. It contains not only humor, fiction, essay, and memoir but the creative work of nineteen artists from the Corrales area. Passages contains all interior artwork in glorious color.

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“Kato’s Grand Adventure” ♦ Co-author: Jasmine Tritten
Anthology: Rescue Me: Purrfect Companions
Publisher: CreateSpace (December 2016)

Nine lives, four paws and endless furry antics to entertain us. Cats are creatures of habit but what happens when those they love and trust cast them out? They end up in shelters or on the streets all across the world. Their habits become shaken and they must adapt. It is extremely difficult for them to learn to trust again. There are those that are willing to take the time however. Cats are calming, lovable animals that can purr their way into your heart without you even realizing it. If you take the chance to adopt or foster one of these incredible balls of fluff you will find yourself bending over backward just to hear their adorable meow and snuggle with them at night. They are work but they are worth it. It is too bad we don’t have nine lives as well. Perhaps then we would have enough time to repay all of the joy and love they bring into our lives.

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“Two Old Soldiers”
Anthology: From the Frontlines to the Home Front: New Mexicans Reflect on War
Publisher: Museum of the American Military Family (December 2016)

Unlike World War II, when the war effort was shared by all, the role of the entire family in a military deployment has been overlooked. Yet moms and dads serve as well, as do husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, along with other loved ones. Military service is a family affair as the stories and poems in the volume testify.

Written by New Mexico veterans as well as family members and others with close connections to someone in uniform, each reflection contributes to a rich understanding of what it means to contribute to military life by those out of uniform as well as those who wear one.


“21st Century Illustrated Man”
Anthology: Caesura, Issue 3
Publisher: CreateSpace (December 2016)

Featuring works by: Michael Verderber, Scott Thomas Outlar, Gabrielle Montesanti, PW Covington, Ellen Peckham, Roberto Carcache Flores, Kushal Poddar, Jessica Evans, Jesi Bender, Debasis Mukhopadhyay, Jim Pearce, Matthew Wilson, Edward Vidaurre, Jim Tritten, David Lohrey, Lynn White.

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Currents Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology150“Big Noses”
“Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!”
“Just Let Jasmine Do It”
“What do I Have to do to Make Electricity Work?”
Anthology: Currents: Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (2015)

Currents is an anthology of work from the Corrales Writing Group for the year 2015. It includes humor, fiction, essays and memoir.

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“Adjusting to New Realities”
Anthology: Hope and Courage: Military Writers Society of America 2015 Anthology
Publisher: Red Engine Press (September 2015)

Military Writers Society of America Preserving Military History One Story at a Time Founded by Vietnam veteran and author W. H. (Bill) McDonald, Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) focuses on three main goals: writing for healing, education, and preservation of history. Each year MWSA publishes a collection of works submitted by the membership, including essays, poetry, articles, short fiction, drawings, and photos. This year, the theme is Courage and Hope.

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Writers Anarchy IV Horror150“The Mask”
Anthology: Writers’ Anarchy IV: Horror (Volume 4)
Publisher: CreateSpace (2015)

Ghosts haunt the corridors, masks possess, and horrifying giants roam the countryside in this collection of insidious, unsettling horror. Challenge your perceptions. Be thrilled by classic and modern takes on one of the oldest genres of fiction in the world. Featuring a wide array of stories from writers all across the globe, Writers’ Anarchy IV is sure to chill with its tales of the monsters in our minds, and the horrors of the soul.

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Catching-Calliope-Winter-2015-Volume-4“Why Did They Invent Pink Duct Tape?”
Anthology: Catching Calliope, Winter 2015 (Number 4)
Publisher: Swimming with Elephants Publications (2015)

The Winter 2015 collection of Creative Writing from the Rio Rancho Creative Writing Community.

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Voices-III-reduced-size“Dad, I’m on an All-Plant Diet”
Anthology: More Voices of New Mexico
Publisher: Rio Grande Books (2015)

More Voices of New Mexico is the third edition of the Voices award-winning series for the New Mexico Book Co-op. It gives writers a chance to express themselves and get their essays out to the public. There are beginners in the book and established authors. All have a voice waiting to be heard. Some of the essays are funny, some are sad, and some are information to live by. There are poems, art, photos, and many words about New Mexico. This is a little snapshot into the lives of many people and what is important to them. Curl up with a book in front of a fire and READ! New Mexico books are worth the time. You might have forgotten how much fun it can be to read a book!

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