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Zachry is a web-based writer and science fiction novelist. He has written professionally for over 15 years with a primary focus of technical and online content. His portfolio consists of over a thousand articles on various topics (using the alias Chops).


transientTitle: Transient (2016)
Genre: YA Science Fiction

The year is 2578 and immortals control the world. Brutal wars and endless genocide have reduced mankind to a handful of mountain tribes. In order to survive, humans infiltrate the eternal society as transient spies, hoping to uncover a means to regain control of the planet. Jonas is a young transient deep undercover in downtown Seattle. He lives underground, works at night, and drinks his daily blood rations, just like any normal eternal. He is a model spy, but also an apostate among extremists, torn between ideologies (as well as lovers) from either side. Allegiances are strained to the breaking point when Jonas bears witness to a violent death that rocks the eternal civilization to its core. Transient is a young adult science fiction novel. The story will appeal to fans of post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction such as Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games and James Dashner’s The Maze Runner.

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