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Zachry is a science fiction novelist, compulsive dabbler, and swaggering nerd. He has written professionally for over 15 years with a primary focus of technical and online content. His portfolio includes over a thousand articles on various topics (using the alias Chops).


transientTitle: Transient (2016)
Genre: YA Science Fiction

The year is 2578 and immortals control the world. Brutal wars and endless genocide have reduced mankind to a handful of mountain tribes. In order to survive, humans infiltrate the eternal society as transient spies, hoping to uncover a means to regain control of the planet.

Jonas is a young transient deep undercover in downtown Seattle. He lives underground, works at night, and drinks his daily blood rations, just like any normal eternal. He is a model spy, but also an apostate among extremists, torn between ideologies (as well as lovers) from either side.

Allegiances are strained to the breaking point when Jonas bears witness to a violent death that rocks the eternal civilization to its core.

Transient is a young adult science fiction novel. The story will appeal to fans of post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction such as Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games and James Dashner’s The Maze Runner.

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Title: Max and the Multiverse (2017)
Genre: YA Science Fiction

Max is a teenage gamer with an exceptionally dull life. That is, until a bizarre accident leaves him with the ability to shift between parallel universes, but only when he falls asleep. Every time he wakes, he confronts a distressing new reality, be it talking cats or ’80s pop culture.

But then one day he awakes to a hyper-advanced version of Earth where humans have colonized space. Determined to escape his mundane existence, Max and his cyborg cat venture into the black, only to entangle themselves in an intergalactic conflict.

A ruthless criminal overlord, a corrupt planetary system, an ornery walrus, a secret society of super nerds, and a pair of plucky orange lesbians round out this crazy, clumsy adventure.

Max and the Multiverse is a young adult science fiction novel. The story will appeal to fans of quirky space adventures such as Martin Leicht and Isla Neal’s Mothership and Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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