Pitch Session Guidelines

During the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conference there are three publishers willing to discuss book submissions with you.  If you have requested a pitch session you are guaranteed to see at least one of them.  If there are other openings you may request them at the conference.   Please read the Great Publishing Debate page to view information on the three publishers and follow their website links to their home pages. This will give you a good idea as to what kinds of books they are most interested in and how many authors they have worked with.

 What Publishers Want from You

Prepare yourself by writing down and memorizing a VERY short description of your storyline—up to two sentences under 50 words.  This is your opening Pitch.

When it is your turn, walk up to the publisher, introduce yourself and take the seat in front of them.  When they appear ready, Give them your opening pitch. Then let them ask for more, remembering to be succinct.

Things you should be prepared for them to ask:

  • What genre is this?
  • Is the manuscript complete?
  • Is this your first book?  Or do you have other published stories?
  • How are you prepared to help market your book

Remember to be focused.  If you don’t know an answer to their questions then ask if they will allow you to email them with the answer rather than bumble about looking indecisive.

We recommend you bring with you a short, 1-2 page double spaced, 12-point – times new roman font description of the basic information about your book with your contact information including:  Name, email, phone number and your website if you have one.

If you have intrigued their interest they will call you at a later time. Do not overload them with information right now – they are seeing a lot of people and don’t want to haul a ton of paperwork back with them.





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