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Take the mystery out of self-publishing!

Did you know that L. Frank Baum, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, William Strunk Jr. and Mark Twain self-published their books before fame catapulted them into the arms of greedy publishing houses? Today’s smorgasbord of publishing options has also catapulted modern self-published authors James Redfield, (The Celestine Prophecy) and E. A. James (50 Shades of Gray) and many others onto the national stage.

Come to the SWW Self-Publishing Conference and speak to authors who have successfully published their own work. Find out how you can retain 100% of the profits. This conference covers what you need to know from the idea to the bookstores. Topics and authors for this conference include:

Now What?

Finding the Right Self-Publishing Platform     

by Sarah Baker

Baker_2015_01B_245You’ve made the decision to self-publish, but which platform should you use? What are the options? Just what does it take to do this?

Sarah H. Baker writes fiction under S. H. Baker, Sarah Storme, and Lydia Parks. She’s the author of more than 20 published novels. Her publishers range from Kensington and Harlequin to small presses, one of which she worked for as an acquiring editor. Most recently, she has written award-winning full-cast audio books, and has self-published her backlist. Sarah teaches for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of New Mexico and for UNM’s Continuing Education program.

It’s Not Rocket Surgery      

by Steve Brewer

SteveBrewer2Author and humorist Steve Brewer always tells audiences: If a Luddite like me can self-publish, so can you! Steve will talk about some of the obstacles along the way, and how to overcome them without losing your mind. Remember: In self-publishing, unlike in life, you can always go back and FIX the things you screw up.

Steve Brewer is the author of 27 published books, including seven that he self-published and one, LONELY STREET, that was made into a movie. He also manages the e-book rights to his entire backlist, which mostly consists of watching his stagnant Kindle numbers and softly weeping. A former newspaperman, Brewer now teaches part-time in the Honors College at UNM.

 What Makes a Great Cover?        

by Esther Feske

Ester Feske

Showing images of strong and weak examples, book designer Esther Feske will discuss the purposes a cover may fulfill and explain principles that anyone can use in designing their own book covers. Using examples from various time periods and styles, she will show covers using simple typography, or graphic illustration, or photography, or altered photography. There are many options you may not have thought of, to have an impactful cover!

Esther Feske has been a designer of visual media since elementary school when her mother, the art teacher, and she decorated the school bulletin boards each month. She also studied music from age 5, learning to play piano, clarinet, bassoon, guitar and drums. She received a BA with commendation in Art Education from Graceland University and a MA and MFA in Art (Graphic Design and Photography) from the University of Iowa, where she was the teaching assistant for calligraphy. Then, as graphic designer, proofreader and editor for Penfield Books for ten years in the pre-computer age, she designed over thirty books. Since coming to New Mexico in 1984, she held various jobs while continuing her passions for the arts, including doing calligraphy, woodcuts, photography, illustration, collage, assemblage and making artist books. She is in the fifth year of designing Malpais Review, a nationally-recognized poetry quarterly. As well as being past president of Albuquerque Business and Professional Women and Escribiente calligraphy guild, she is current president of LIBROS book arts group. She brings extensive experience in teaching and book design, love of many art-history periods, and personal mastery of diverse styles to her illustrated talk “What makes a good cover?”

Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing     

by Rose Marie Kern

Rose the Solar ChiefEmbracing the decision to self-publish is announcing to the world that you believe in yourself. But before choosing this path, you really need to understand what you are getting into! What can you expect to shell out financially? How much to you stand to gain? How much work is involved? What could a traditional publisher do for you that you couldn’t do yourself?

Rose Marie Kern has self published two books and has two more which will be on the store shelves in time for Christmas.  Her first book “The Solar Chef” is in its eighth edition and after 13 years still sells about 400 copies a year.  Rose delves into the self-publishing mindset and skills needed to bring your vision to fruition.

Making Sure Your Manuscript Is Perfect   

by Jeanne Shannon

JeanneShannon200The last step before you send your manuscript to press is a crucial one. That’s when you make sure your manuscript is free of mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and formatting. Although you may be able to find and correct several errors using some tips I will provide, you can’t possibly find them all. That’s because your familiarity with what you’ve written will make it harder to see errors and miss obvious mistakes.   You need another pair of eyes—the fresh eyes of an editor who understands the principles of copyediting and has never seen your manuscript before. To bypass this step “because I can’t afford it” is false economy.

Jeanne Shannon‘s career history includes several years as an editor and writer for the University of New Mexico and for two federal government contractors. Meanwhile, she founded a poetry magazine, Blackberry, and a series of poetry broadsheets called the Wildflower leaflets. In 2001 she began publishing books of memoir, poetry and fiction by local authors under her Wildflower Press imprint. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous small-press and university publications, as well as in four full-length collections and several chapbooks.

Guerrilla Marketing for Self-Publishers        

by Dr. Lawrence J. Clark

lawrence j clarkCongratulations– you’ve written, edited, and published your book!  But now the real work begins, especially if you’d like someone other than your mother and your best friend to actually purchase and read it.  Whether you are a self-published author or have received a contract from a “real” publishing house, the hard truth is that you’ll need to do most of the marketing yourself.  The bad news is that unless you’re independently wealthy, you probably don’t have a very large marketing budget. The good news is that by attending this workshop you’ll learn a host of free and low-cost strategies to help get the word out about your book, increase readership, and hopefully sell a boatload of copies!  Come learn and then implement these proven strategies originally developed by Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the seminal book, Guerrilla Marketing, and now used by thousands of authors around the world.

Dr. Lawrence J. Clark is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer who helps businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, and consultants market their products and services and meet the needs of their customers by using a variety of ethical, persuasive, and profitable strategies.  A highly sought after keynote speaker and author, Dr. Clark is also a Diamond Level sales trainer, university educator, and personality expert, and holds a PhD in English with specialties in creative writing, 20th century literary theory, and classical rhetoric.

He and his wife Kristen are co-founders of,, and host a monthly webinar training series for Authors, Speakers, Coaches and Consultants ( Dr. Clark also conducts live and online sales and public speaking training for businesses and individuals.

Saturday 10/22/16        Time: 9am-5pm

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided

New Life Presbyterian Conference Room  5540 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111
Early Bird Registration: SWW members $59, Non-Members $69 through Sept. 30
After Sept 30th $79 for SWW members and $89 for non-members.
Click here to register. Call the SWW Office (505-830-6034) or sign up at a monthly meeting to register offline.

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