Science Fiction/Fantasy Speakers

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conference  June 9, 2018

Your mind is bursting with imagery and characters struggling to leap into life on the printed page.  The obstacles lie in knowing the best way to instill the same passion you feel for your creation into your readers.  To that end we have contacted authors who have been successful with publishing Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and asked them to impart their secrets.   Here is some information on the topics and speakers.

Creating Fantasy Races Indigenous to Unique Settings

How I Learned to Reject Dragons, Fairies, Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves for Fun But Little Profit!

Presented by RJ Mirabal

Many fantasies feature dragons, fairies, elves and that lot. Contemporary urban fantasies lock into vampires. It’s hard to believe anything new can be said about that tribe. Enter zombies and werewolves then, but same thing: too many stories exhaust the possibilities. Familiar character types are OK, but it’s time writers take readers on unique journeys with new “races” as their guides.

How does one go about creating races that fit into their unique setting? Join RJ as he takes you on that quest. Careful, routes off the grid might feature cheap hotels and plain food. But what a ride!

RJ Mirabal has lived in the Middle Rio Grande Valley for most of his life. Recognized with awards for his teaching, he is now retired, pursues writing and music while volunteering with various organizations. All three books of his New Mexico-based Rio Grande Parallax series were Finalists in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards in the Fantasy/Science Fiction category.

How to Create Your Book from a Role Playing Game

Presented by Kirt Hickman

Creating a book, or book series, from a role-playing campaign offers unique opportunities and challenges to the fiction writer. It’s a collaborative process. The author, the players, and the creator of the gaming system each contribute in some way to the final creative work, and each has intellectual property rights that must be respected. In this talk, Kirt Hickman will share his advice and experiences in this fun, dynamic, and often unpredictable process, which will yield a story that could not have been created in any other way.

Kirt Hickman, author of the award-winning science-fiction thrillers Worlds Asunder and Venus Rain, has been an avid gamer for decades and developed his fantasy series, The Age of Prophecy, from a role-playing campaign. Kirt was a technical writer for fourteen years before branching into fiction. His methodical approach to self-editing has helped many make sense of the mass of advice available to the novice writer. He has contributed a monthly column titled “Revising Fiction” to the SouthWest Sage. He has also written Mercury Sun, two children’s books, and the award-winning writers’ guide, Revising Fiction: Making Sense of the Madness.

The following Topics are planned but the speakers have not yet confirmed.  As the information comes in it will be placed here.

World Building

Supernatural Romance

From Sci-Fi book to Movie Script

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