The Great Publishing Debate!

    Traditional Publishing or Self-Publish

Which Should You Go With?

The Great Debate on the advantages of Traditional Publishing versus Self Publishing takes place first thing in the morning on Saturday, June 9th.   A line-up of editors from three publishing houses will face-off with two self published authors and the vice-president of Ingram Spark – an Indie publishing support company.

After the debate, the editors will take pitches from authors who want to try the traditional publishing route – pitch sessions must be applied for at the time of registration.

The VP from Ingram Spark will give a separate presentation on How to Prepare your Manuscript for Printing.     Some of the questions under scrutiny include:

  • What are the services provided by a traditional publishing house (TPH)?
  • What is the turnaround time from submission to acceptance by a TPH?
  • How much work is involved in self-publishing?  What kinds of things would authors have to pay for out of pocket prior to publication?
  • Do all books accepted by a TPH get an advance?  Do authors pay for their services?
  • Who does the marketing?  TPH and Self-publish question
  • How do the authors get paid?  TPH and Self-publish question.


Meet the Panelists!

IN THIS CORNER…The Publishers!

Geoff Habiger has been the senior editor for Artemesia Publishing since the beginning and works directly with all authors in getting their story to publication. In addition to his credentials as editor, graphic designing, cover design, and layout specialist, Geoff is also an author with three titles currently published. This allows Geoff to understand the perspective of the author and work closely with them on editing and finalizing their book. Artemesia sees our authors as partners, working together to put out the best book possible for the reader.

Artemesia Publishing ( was founded in 2004 with the vision of publishing unique and interesting books. We realized there were authors waiting to tell their stories who might be overlooked by the larger publishers. We are  based out of Albuquerque, NM  and we work in partnership with authors to publish their work. By printing as few as 2-4 titles a year we have been able to focus on quality over quantity and this has led to numerous awards for our titles. (Over 60% of our titles have won awards, or been finalists, in regional and national competitions.)  In 2013 Artemesia continued to grow its brand with the creation of our second imprint, Shadow Dragon Press. Shadow Dragon focuses on horror, supernatural, science fiction, and fantasy titles that will push these genres into new directions. With twenty-seven titles in print, and counting, Artemesia Publishing and our imprints will continue seek out authors with compelling stories to tell and to bring exciting titles to print that will educate, inform, and entertain our readers.

The managing partner and producer for
Speaking Volumes,  Kurt Mueller is a graduate of Southern Illinois University-School of Journalism, began his career in the entertainment and publishing industry in 1983. He has since produced, edited and published thousands of Books, E-books and Audiobooks.

Speaking Volumes  is a traditional publishing house that represents many New York Times, USA Today, National Best-Selling and Award-Winning Authors. We publish a wide spectrum of genres which include Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, and Westerns. Speaking Volumes publications are available as eBooks, Print Paperbacks, and on Audio.

Before launching Terra Nova, Marty Gerber was a freelance editor of books and professional journals, following many years in the newspaper business as a reporter, editor, manager, and owner, including four journalistic startups.

Terra Nova Books was founded in 2013 and has since published more than 50 titles covering all genres and using all the industry’s methods, from the “traditional” mode of Random House and Simon & Schuster through the increasingly popular cooperative (sometimes called “hybrid”) M.O. to titles we conceive of ourselves and contract out the writing for. “Simply put, my partner and I love books and are committed to connecting worthwhile reads with the audience out there that we believe will value and appreciate them.”


And in This Corner….the Self-Publishing Team!

Robin Cutler

Director of IngramSpark

Robin Cutler is committed to helping independent publishers easily get their content into the hands of readers around the globe. To help make this happen, Robin Cutler leads the development of IngramSpark and continues to support and refine the platform to better serve independent publishers around the world.

Eric Michael Craig is a Hard Science Fiction writer living in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico. He is the former Director of Research for a private consulting laboratory in Phoenix, where he experimented with inertial propulsion and power generation technologies.  Eric is a founding member of the SciFi Roundtable. The SFRT is an active online group dedicated to supporting indie and traditional authors by networking them with other writers and professional resources. Contact Eric at:  


Zachry Wheeler is a science fiction novelist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His breakout novel Transient  is currently in development to become a feature film. Additional works include the Max and the Multiverse series. Learn more at


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