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From John Cousins:   I’m happy to announce that my book, “MBA ASAP Understanding Corporate Finance”, made it to BookAuthority’s Best Corporate Finance Books of All Time:     BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition.   It is available as an eBook for Kindle, Paperback, and audiobook on Audible. Check it out on Amazon.

The July Sage features a short story by Jim Tritten, “Taking off the Uniform”, which we’ve just learned won 1st place in the 2018 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival!

The National Federation of Press Women honored two SWW members by awarding them first places in the annual writers competition.   Melody Groves‘ True West article in December’s issue: Milton J. Yarberry, Jerked to Jesus garnered a 1st Place award Her reaction?  “Whoo hoo! I’m so excited and honored.”  

Right after that we learned that Loretta Hall won the Communicator of Achievement award, which recognizes professional achievement, service to the organization, and community service. One award is given each year.


Jasmine and Jim Tritten donated their short story “Kato’s Grand Adventure” to an anthology designed to raise funds for Big Cat Rescue. The book is entitled Write To Meow 2017” and is available in paperback.

Jim also published a short story “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” in the Summer Issue of Corrales in FOCUS.


Joanne Bodin’s novel, Orchid of the Night, a dark psychological mystery/thriller, has won it’s fourth award!

  • It placed as a finalist in the “commercial fiction” category of the 2018 Eric Hoffer Book Award.
  • It won second place in the New Mexico Press Women 2018 Communication Contest
  • for adult novel.
  • It won “distinguished favorite”  in the  2017 NYC Big Book Award for LGBT fiction.
  • It won the  2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award  in Gay/Lesbian fiction and placed as
  • finalist  in three categories;  historical fiction, mystery/crime, thriller/suspense

Dollie Williams had a booth at the El Paso Comicon last week and the managers of the event posted a picture of her and her book, Child in Chaos on the event website.



Larada Horner-Miller’s book, A Time to Grow Up:  A Daughter’s Grief Memoir was an “Official Selection” for the 2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

Loretta Hall’s children’s book Miguel & Michelle Visit Spaceport America was reviewed in the April edition of Enchantment Magazine by Phaedra Greenwood.

Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten’s short story “No Longer in Service” was published in Anthology Askew Volume 005: Fantastically Askew.  

Also, Jim Tritten published a story in Corrales in FOCUS about how his Hungarian grandmother immigrated into the United States

Neil McKee just had an essay published on-line. It was adapted from a chapter of his draft literary memoir manuscript “North Borneo Sojourns,” (working title) which is about his first assignment overseas with the Canadian version of the Peace Corps. The essay is available at The Ekphrastic Review:

Irene Blea has been accepted as one of the 50 authors to exhibit at the 2018 Albuquerque Museum Author Festival, other SWW members included as exhibitors are Melody Groves, Judith Avila, Sarah Baker, Joanne Bodin, Steve Brewer, Don Bullis, Loretta Hall, Betsy James, Bob Kidera, Scott Arthur Jones, Jonathan Miller, R.J. Mirabal, Donald Morgan, James Tritten, and Patricia Smith Wood


I am a SWW member, and am looking for a critique group.  Stephen  Fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, memoir North Valley, but am flexible Twice a month is preferred

Houghton Mifflin purchased textbook and Spanish language rights for THE DOG THAT DUG FOR DINOSAURS (Simon & Schuster) by Shirley Raye Redmond

Lee Higbee has posted two non-fiction books to “How to Talk about Wines You Haven’t Yet Tasted”  and “A Writer’s Reference, a beginners look at fiction writing including many rules of thumb for writers, quotes on writing and a large glossary of terms for writing and arguing.”   You can get to both at: Other  novels, which are very inexpensive, are available at (They are written under the allonym BJ Creighton.)

 Ruth Pollard has signed a contract to have her memoir published by Citrine Publishing. Ruth kept a journal during her husband's illness and death which she turned into a book. The release is planned for the fall.

That crazy Corrales Writing Group has published its fifth anthology, this time with a theme. Love, Sweet to Spicy in Color: A Corrales Writing Group Anthology features romance short stories written by the seven members of the group. It is available now on in paperback and kindle formats. A color paperback version is also available.

Frank Carden’s new novel, Billy Bonney aka The Kid, has just been published by Flat Sole Studio. It is available on Amazon as a paperback. About the novel; It didn’t matter that the deputy sheriff tried to assault her. Wilma had killed a lawman. She was now on the run and needed a disguise. Wilma dressed in her brother’s old clothes and changed her name to William, Billy for short. For a last name she took her stepfather’s. Billy Bonney rode into the history books, a gunslinger with twenty-two notches on a Colt 41, a legion, even during her short life.  Frank Carden will have a book signing at Coas downtown book store Saturday Feb. 10th from 10:00am to Noon. 

The second book in Claire Stibbe’s  Detective Temeke Crime Series, Night Eyes, won the NM/AZ Book award for Crime Mystery. 

The SWW Memoir group is looking to add few members. The group meets at the Domingo Baca community center on Carmel (just north of Paseo del Norte and West of Wyoming). We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. This is a SWW program and it is free of charge to anyone who wants to attend.

The Women in Aviation International organization has invited Rose Marie Kern, author of Air to Ground, to do several book signings during their spring conference in Reno, NV on March 24th.

Saturday, Feb. 24th, The Grief Resource Center at UNM is hosting a panel discussion and book signing featuring authors who have written about grief and loss.    SWW authors interested in participating can contact Desiree Woodland at 842-7166.   More information will be in the February Sage

Corran Harrington’s novel, Follow the River Home, was a Finalist in the Literary Fiction category of the 2017 Best Book Awards, and was also a Finalist for Literary Fiction in the 2017 International Book Awards.


Three members of the Corrales Writing Group had a romance short story published in an anthology available in both print and Kindle formats. Chris Allen, Maureen Cooke, and Jim Tritten’s piece “To Begin Again” appears in Anthology Askew Volume 004: Askew Communications, published on September 30thClick here for the link.


Jonnne Bodin’s new novel, Orchid of the Night has been awarded the 2017 New York City Big Book Award as DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE  in LGBT fiction. It was also a WINNER in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards in gay/lesbian book and placed as a FINALIST in three other categories: historical fiction, thriller/suspense, and mystery/crime. She has also had poems published in the following publications this year: Hers: a Poet’s Speak Anthology, Value: Essays, Stories and Poems by Women of a Certain Age, and All Things Lesbian, vol.1 no.

Zachry Wheeler’s latest novel Max and the Snoodlecock (Book Two of his sci-fi comedy series Max and the Multiverse.) is now available on Amazon and Kindle. In addition, he has enrolled all of my novels in the Kindle MatchBook program, which allows you to download a FREE Kindle version if you purchase the paperback (past or present). Here are the links to each:  Amazon   Kindle

And finally, Zachry has some news on the Transient movie in development with Voltage Pictures (The Hurt Locker, Dallas Buyers Club). “After a series of improbable events, I actually got to revise the latest edition of the screenplay, which gives me a screenwriting credit on the movie based on my novel. How insane is that?!”    Here is a link to the official LookBook for the movie, which includes some eye-popping casting and other details.

Gayle Lauradunn has a  new pocket size chapbook “Duncan Canal, Alaska” which is now available from Grandma Moses Press.   She also has several poems in the Poets Speak book anthology series including “Trumped”, “HERS”, and “Water”.   A poem “Bradford Bog, New Hampshire” is in the 10th Anniversary edition of FUNGI magazine.  Lastly her essay “Hard Won Value” and 5 poems are included in the anthology “VALUE: Essays, Stories, and Poems by Women of a Certain Age”

 A poem “Bradford Bog, New Hampshire” is in the 10th Anniversary edition of FUNGI magazine.

Michael J. Backus will be doing a reading from his short story/poetry chapbook Coney on the Moon,  at Bookworks on September 24th at 3pm. Setpember 24, 3pm.


“The History of Bearing Children” by Jacqueline Loring was the 2012 winner of the Doire Press Irish International Poetry Prize. It was launched in Galway, Ireland. “The History of Bearing Children” reflects one families attempt to survive the peace after Vietnam. “History” was the 2nd place winner of the New Mexico Press Women award for creative verse in 2012.

Heloise Jones’ book, The Writer’s Block Myth – A Guide to Get Past Stuck & Experience Lasting Creative Freedom, debuted as a #1 bestseller in 4 categories on Amazon. The Writer’s Block Myth is a practical and inspirational guide created for people living in the real world. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the page, it holds the keys to get past stuck, complete your goals, and sustain your creative life.


Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten had their romance short story “…Enough to Kill” published in Anthology Askew Volume 003: Askew Adventures (July 2, 2017), 25-34.

Chris Allen and Jim Tritten had their romance short story “To Begin Again” published first in The Criterion eJournal, Vol. 8, Issue II (April 2017), 1231-1241 and second in Quail Bell Magazine, June 19, 2017, This is the fourth team-written romance short story published by members of the Corrales Writing Group in the past five months.


“Before I Die” an Albuquerque Festival (Oct 20-24) is being coordinated by SWW’s Doyenne of Death Gail Rubin. These festivals are part of a growing social movement to foster reflection about how we as individuals and as a society manage death and dying. They allow the serious end of life issues, both practical and emotional, to be discussed freely with a touch of humor.   From the “End of Life Café” discussions to “What You Need to Know before You Go!” the festival will include cemetary tours, movies and art tours.  For more information go to BEFORE I DIE’s Webpage.

Cengage, an educational publisher, will publish Katherine B. Hauth’s What’s for Dinner, Quirky, Squirmy Poems from the Animal World for a large K-6 reading program in the US and Canada in Spanish and English.

Allen Whitt published an appreciation of the New Mexico World Heritage site Chaco Canyon: “Chaco: Chronicles of Light and Darkness” in Westview. A travel essay, “Among the Mountain Gorillas,” is forthcoming in The Matador Network. His short memoir “Leaving the Sea” appears in Military Experience and the Arts, and a humorous memoir, “Oscar’s Talking Toilet,” was accepted at Good Old Days. “A Small Room, Voices” appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine. In addition, his poem “Ride Upon the Wind” will appear in Lyric. And another poem, “The Old Farmer,” was published by Front Porch.

Gail Rubin, author of “A Good Goodbye”, spoke on TEDxABQ about end of life planning.  Her humorously serious presentation is seen HERE.

Joanne Bodin held her official book launch for Orchid of the Night at Bookworks on Saturday, May 20th. Over 50 people attended.  Joanne and a friend did readings from the book, click HERE to see them.

Sally L. Kindall’s story Betrayal has been published in the Las Positas College’s 2017 Anthology department book “Beyond the Window”.  Betrayal placed 2nd in the Prose category of their annual competition. 

As a result of the successful operation of his nmmushroom blog last year, Dave Menicucci is replacing it with a new one that has a broader focus.  Throughout the year he will be writing on various topics about the Jemez Mountains, especially items involving recreation. Click here to see his great stories!

Jim Tritten’s creative non-fiction essay “Illustrated Man,” which won a gold and 1st place in the 2016 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival will be published in As You Were: The Military Review, May 29, 2017.

The Corn Whisperer  by Sue Houser has just been published.  It is a trio of stories centered on life at a New Mexico pueblo. Young Charlie is apprehensive about staying with his grandfather at the pueblo, but Grandfather Joe is a storyteller whose ancient legends teach Charlie how to live a better life in today’s world.  Written for ages 6-10, this paperback book will touch the hearts of grandparents as well.

Jim Tritten donated a memoir essay entitled “Dear Dr. Davis,” in Escaping the Vault: Letters of May Anthology 2017, Julie Alcin, Ed.. The anthology was compiled in support of Mental Health Awareness Month. Copies are free and may be downloaded at

Shirley Raye Redmon’s Regency romance, PRUDENCE PURSUED, is now also available on Audible through Amazon.  (And the narrator has an appropriately British accent!)

Corran Harrington’s novel, Follow the River Home, won the 2017 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award for Best New Voice in Fiction by Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Her book was also a 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Finalist in categories for Fiction, First Book NM, and Cover.

Charlene Bell Dietz: Winner, 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for The Flapper, the Scientist, and the Saboteur, in the division of First Book.

Jim Tritten was awarded a 1st place, four 2nd places, and an honorable mention at the New Mexico Press Women annual Communications Contest in the categories of photography, feature stories, short stories, and chapters, and for individual achievement.

Patricia Smith Wood’s latest book, Murder on Frequency, came out in December, but it’s just now getting on a rollout through book signings. On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. She will speak to the Mystery Club at Cherry Hills Library in Albuquerque.
Patricia has several book signings scheduled including: Easter Sunday 1-4pm at Treasure House Books & Gifts in Old Town. On April 22, 2017, She will be at the Moriarty Literacy Event in Moriarty, New Mexico from 9 am until 4 pm at their Civic Center and on April 29, 2017, she will be at an amateur radio event from 7 am until 10:30 am promoting Murder on Frequency.

Joyce Hertzoff’s novella, A Bite of the Apple, won first prize in the Young Adult category of the New Mexico Press Women’s fiction contest for 2016.

Jim Tritten had his opinion essay “The Perfect Woman” published in Tickled.

 Terry Civello’s story Slightly Imperfect has won a first place award in the 2017 New Mexico Press Women’s Communications Contest.

On March 25th, noon to 4pm RJ Mirabal has a table at the Treasure House Book store on Old Town plaza.  He will participate in the Gallup Authors’ Festival, April 7th & 8th (including a panel discussion) and the Moriarty Book Fair, April 22nd. April 29th.

Irene Blea has been invited to read her poetry in Cuba by La Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba y el Festival Internacional de Poesía de La Habana, to particípate in las Lecturas de CubaPoesía del Festival Itinerante Nuestra América, in July of this year. She plans to read from a work titled, “A Menopausal Chicana with an Attitude and a Plan.”

Jim Tritten’s article “Taking off the Uniform,” is featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Corrales in Focus.

The Corrales Writing Group was featured in two stories published in the Corrales Comment and in Corrales in Focus. The group is holding a book reading and signing at Las Ristras Restaurant in the village on Sunday, March 5th at 3:00 p.m.


Dr. Irene Blea is busy this month.  She will be among the featured women during a LIVE FACEBOOK FEED from 9 am to 5 pm on March 8th in celebration of International Women’s Day: The feed is sponsored by SWOP NM Con Mujeres, and  Dr. Irene Blea will talk about her career as a author at 2:00 p.m.    She will also have presentations and book signings on March 28th and March 30th in Pueblo, Colorado.  More information is available on her facebook blog.

Rose Marie Kern, author of Air to Ground, will be giving presentations on various aspects of Air Traffic Control and Aviation Weather during a three month book tour from May through July. So far she is scheduled for 11 events from Arizona to Ohio and will be speaking for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as well as the largest aviation event in the world, the EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh.

I’d love to join a critique group. I’m interested in reading both fiction and non-fiction and would like feedback on my historical/YA novel. I would prefer an east mountain, NE heights or UNM location but am willing to travel.   Weekdays or nights would be best, although Tuesday evenings can be spotty. Polly Owens

The Rotary Club of Rio Rancho is looking for authors to participate in a fundraiser which supports their tutoring program.  Authors are invited to join them and/or donate some of their books to the event.  For more information contact James McCracken. (314) 341-5052.

R.J. Mirabal will be at the Treasure House of Books, March 25th, noon to 4 pm to sign and discuss Zero Visibility Possible. Later, you can find him at the Gallup Authors’ Festival, April 7th & 8th (including a panel discussion) and the Moriarty Book Fair, April 22nd. The following week, on April 29th, he’ll be signing at The Battle of Books at Los Lunas High as well as the annual Bubonicon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in August.

Mary Jane Rogers, Ph.D. will give a Wellness Talk and Book Signing at the JCC on Sunday February 26th at 2:00 pm, and has another Book Signing at Workworks on Thursday March 23rd, at 6:00 pm

Joanne Bodin’s new novel, Orchid of the Night, a dark psychological thriller about a man running from his troubled past who finds solace in the gay community of Ixtlan, is now on Amazon. The story is inspired by true events and is set in Maui and in Tempe, Arizona. See her new website at for more on her new book, as well as other publications. The book launch will be Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Bookworks on Rio Grande Blvd. at 3pm.

Writers wanting to participate in the creation of the KIMO Theater Historical Anthology, should contact the publisher – Peg Herrington.  Email:

Jasmine & Jim Tritten donated their short story “Kato’s Grand Adventure” and it was published in Rescue Me: Purrfect Companions, a book available in support of feline rescue fundraising.  Click here for more information.

Passages, the fourth anthology by the Corrales Writing Group was published and is now available at This year they partnered with some local artists and used photographs of their paintings, sculpture, etc. to enhance the presentation of some excellent short stories and essays.

Santa Fe Reporter Poetry Contest.  Information Click HERE.

(From Maud Séjournant) I am looking for a professional editor that could review my two first chapters for publication. Do you know people in your group who would be able to do that ?
I am in Santa Fe at 505 474 3647; by the way I am a French writer and I publish mostly in French except for my last book Entering the Shaman’s Eye.

Victor Acquista’s book, Health Wise–Integral Lessons in Transformation, is now available in both print and ebook.


Sandi Hoover and Jim Tritten published a short story, “…Enough to Kill” [using the pen name of Blaire Logan], in The Criterion eJournal, Vol. 7, Issue VI (December 2016), 377-384: and also in Rizal Journal, Issue 1 (December 28, 2016): 10-21. “…Enough to Kill” was their initial foray into the romance genre. The Corrales Writing Group is planning additional romance publications.

The January 3rd meeting was standing room only and speaker Darynda Jones brought the joy of writing and personal discovery to everyone!   Darynda graciously sent us her presentation notes – these and a link to the YouTube Video of her talk are found HERE.

Steven Gould delighted the SWW group with his anecdotes about working with James Cameron’s scriptwriting team during the December 3rd meeting.  Click here to view the presentation on YouTube. A2G book cover v7

Rose Marie Kern’s book, Air to Ground, about the world of Air Traffic Control and aviation weather is now published and available on Amazon.  It has been endorsed by Fly Low Magazine and Plane and Pilot News.  Rose is setting up speaking engagements throughout the country to various aviation groups.


IreneBlea250Irene Blea has published the third novel in her Suzanna trilogy, Beneath the Super Moon (ABQ Press) Suzanna is older and by the mid 1960’s, at the thrust of the Chicano Movement, she had settled in the city, gained a critical consciousness, and began to address urban concerns about race, class, and gender. Like many of her nameless Southwest contemporaries, Suzanna did her part where she lived on the west side of town, part of, but disenfranchised from the mainstream while she seeks to reunite with the sons she left behind when she ran from her abusive husband.

Currents: Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology, has earned the Silver Medal for 2nd Place Corrales Writing Group 2015in the 2016 Military Writers Society of America awards – anthology category. An extract from the MWSA review calls Currents: “A diverse and entertaining selection of work from a talented group of authors in New Mexico.”   The members are also members of SWW.

Jim Tritten is pleased to be a participant in a project to support the Museum of the American Military Family (MAMF). The museum will be hosting a series of discussions with veterans and family members based upon the readings in From the Frontlines to the Home Front [December 2016]. The objective will be to get participants to talk about their experiences in war or at home supporting the veteran who went to war. Jim’s contribution, “Two Old Soldiers” is focused on stories by his grandfather and another old soldier who both fought in World War I. 


The Military Writers Society of America has awarded Larry Greenly a 2016 Silver Award in the Young Adult Category for his book, Eugene Bullard: World’s First Black Fighter Pilot.

my-mothersNew member Dan Wetmore has just released his first book of poetry, “My Mother’s Gentle Unbecoming: The Absentings of Alzheimer’s”  (St. Andrews University Press), available on Amazon.

Anne Brannen’s essay  “Agents of Death,” first published in Creative Nonfiction in November, 2015, has been listed as “Notable” in Best American Essays 2016.

jim-tritten-2015-anthologyJim Tritten had a short story published in December: “21st Century Illustrated Man” Caesura Journal, Issue 3 (December 2016): 35-42. Regretfully, there is no online version, Caesura Journal only appears in print. You can get a copy of this and other great stories and essays that will appear in the forthcoming Corrales Writing Group anthology in early 2017. A shorter version of this story entitled “Illustrated Man” won a 1st Place and a Gold Medal at the 2016 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in the category of Personal Experience

liz-rose-booksAll three of Elizabeth Rose’s Books, Poet Under a Soldier’s Hat, Portraits: Poems by E. P. Rose,  and her children’s book Ditty Dotty Ditties,  were finalists in the AZ/NM 2016 Book Awards this year, and her essay “Caregiver’s Lament” won New Millennium Writing’s honorable mention.   She has a new blog based on that essay is at


trujillo-dog-soldiersJason Bowles and SWW member Larry Trujillo are pleased to announce their first novel, Rise of the Dog Soldiers, which contains a narcotics and terror plot that is set in New Mexico and the southwestern United States, with a unique twist, involving the nation’s first “special forces”: the Cheyenne “Dog Soldiers.”  The “Dog Soldiers,” once thought to be eradicated, are rumored to still exist to this day.  They make a powerful and unforgettable appearance in this first novel in the series.  The kindle book is available through Amazon.

Joanne Bodin  was  the featured poet at  Sunday Chatter at Las Puertas on November 27th.  .  SheJoanneBodin was also invited to speak by the New Comer’s Club, about the legend of La Llorona and to read her poetry from the La Llorona Anthology.  Three of her poems have been accepted for publication in the spring of 2017 in an anthology published by a press under the umbrella of the Lambda Literary Review.   She was also interviewed by the new online publication Watermelon IsotopeHere is a link to her Poems.

Jim-Tritten-writerJim Tritten had three short stories published in online journals in November. They include “Taking off the uniform,” As You Were: The Military Review, November 11, 2016; “Dad I’m on an All-Plant Diet” The Basil O’ Flaherty, November 11, 2016 [a reprint of his chapter in Currents: 2015 Corrales Writing Group Anthology]; and “Saunagus,” Lost River: A Literary Magazine, Issue 1, Fall 2016, pp. 31-37 [soon to appear in Passages: Corrales Writing Group 2016 Anthology]. Jim says that anyone who can read Saunagus without laughing does not have a sense of humor.

Loretta Hall, NMPW state president, will present Getting Men to the Moon: Behind-the-Scenes Stories on Saturday November 12 at noon at Joe’s Dining on Rodeo Road.


Jeanne Shannon has two poems in the current issue of Calamus Journal, and three poems in the Legends and Monsters chapbook published this month by Jules Nyquist’s Poetry Playhouse.  The poems in the chapbook were inspired by art viewed at a workshop at Tortuga Gallery last summer.

transientZachry  Wheeler is announcing the release of this debut novel TRANSIENT.  A web-based writer and science fiction novelist his novel is a YA Science Fiction story based in the year 2578 where immortals control the world. Brutal wars and endless genocide have reduced mankind to a handful of mountain tribes. In order to survive, humans infiltrate the eternal society as transient spies, hoping to uncover a means to regain control of the planet. 

Member Cynthia Dettman is seeking women for a Literary Fiction support/critique group (novels/short stories);  special interests in LGBT and multicultural fiction; she hopes to attract moderately experienced writers who have taken writing courses and/or worked with mentors and perhaps have published material.  Prefer North Valley location but open to other locations.Initial group will decide time and frequency of meetings. For more information contact her at or 503 754 0972

yvonne-casausa-drop-of-waterSWW Author and Therapist Yvonne Williams Casaus just became a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author! Her first published book, A Drop Of Water: A Spiritual Journey was released in September of 2016.  Please come to her Book Signing on November 13, 2016 3:00 pm at Bookworks and show your support.

SWW member Jim Tritten was awarded the Gold Medal for 1st Place for writing “The Illustrated Man” in the 2016 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. The photo shows tritten-9-14-16four other members of the Corrales Writing Group who contributed to Jim’s story and were invited to the ceremony at the New Mexico VA Hospital. Please note the tattooed arms displayed by the ladies. Why is that important? Well, you will have to read “The Illustrated Man” when it comes out in Passages: 2016 Corrales Writing Group Anthology – hopefully to be on the street in December. 

Depicted left to right: Sandi Hoover, Chris Allen, Jim Tritten, Maureen Cooke, and Pat Walkow – all members of SWW  Photo credit: Jasmine Tritten (SWW member)


SWW member Loretta Hall at the moment she learned that she won the 2016 National Federation of Press Women’s Communicator of Achievement award. Photo by Kay Grant


 Shirley Raye Redmond was offered a contract by Random House for her nonfiction children’s book, The Pirate and the President. It is scheduled to release in summer of 2018 and is Redmond’s 5th Random House title..

Western author Melody Groves has been invited to speak on a panel and Melody Grovesthen give a two-hour workshop for the Jim Ersfeld Writing Symposium sponsored by Western Writers of America. October 7-8 in Dodge City, Kansas.

Melody also has an article on the ghost town of Dearfield, Colorado coming out in the February 2017 issue of Wild West Magazine. Her husband lends his photographic talents to her articles – this will be their sixth ghost town article with another one on Elizabeth Town, NM slated for 2018.








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