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Pete David is a Certified Wildlife Biologist with 25 years of experience in natural resources program planning, development, and implementation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife (University of Wisconsin-Steven Point) and a master’s degree in Biology (Eastern Kentucky University).

In 2005, after an extensive career working with state and federal government agencies, Pete became an environmental consultant. He serves as the regional business lead for renewable energy at SWCA Environmental Consultants in Albuquerque. His current focus is serving as Project Manager (PM) to support wind, solar, and transmission line projects in the Southwest.

As a native of Chicago, Pete is a loyal fan of the Blackhawks and Bears, and under duress will admit to being a Cubs fan. He enjoys playing sports and listening to music. He lives in the Sandia foothills with his wife, Carolyn.

Pete started writing in 2005 as a creative outlet to escape from the ugly realities of a violent world, and it was cheaper than taking drugs. He is busy finishing up his third novel, a futuristic thriller loaded with political satire.


MotherNaturesSon150Title: Mother Nature’s Son
Publisher: Aberdeen Bay (2012)
Genre: Suspense

Lee Reynolds, a discontented veteran federal wildlife officer, gets recruited by a mysterious German to help a secret eco-terrorist group that steals from environmentally negligent corporations and redistributes the wealth to benefit the environment. Lee risks his career and his newfound relationship with Lucy Douglas, a musician he meets at a local club. With the FBI closing in, Lee must rely on his training and instincts if he wants to evade the FBI and salvage his relationship with Lucy.

Available for Sale


LA_Confrontationa150Title: L.A. Confrontational
Publisher: Hawkpoint Press (2015)
Genre: Mystery

Arch Caldwell seeks to escape the demons that haunted his previous career with the Los Angeles Police Department. Despite an acquittal in a prostitution ring scandal, the ordeal ended his marriage, severed the bond with his daughter, and brought scorn from his father, a retired cop, and his brother, an Arizona state police officer.

Arch’s stagnant new profession as a private investigator in Albuquerque is revitalized after being hired to find a missing teenage girl. His discovery of incriminating documents related to the L.A. scandal, including his own less than truthful testimony, puts his life in jeopardy, but also offers a chance at redemption. To save the missing girl, he must return to confront his nemesis, a notoriously cold-hearted and violent pimp, who orchestrated the corruption of L.A. cops. Back on the streets in the City of Angels, Arch has to ignore the painful memories of fear and the urge for revenge knowing that one wrong move will get him and the girl killed.

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