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Growing up in Brooklyn NY, Harule Stokes has seen his share of drugs and violence. What you’ll find in his work is a wonderfully vibrant reflection of the beauty and tragedy of his youth.

For Harule, science fiction is not about science, it’s about unhindered human possibilities. So, he focuses on the human element, how the humanity of each character has been affected by this new and altered reality they’re thrust into.


Title: Sectors
Publisher: Wave One Publishing (2013)
Genre: Science Fiction

A murder has been committed in Westwood. Joseph Marshall, a newly graduated NextGen operative is sent to investigate the only suspect—one of the last remaining Fallen, super-soldiers that have fallen into insanity. Or did they?

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Title: Fallen Sun
Publisher: Wave One Publishing (2016)
Genre: Science Fiction

Jocelyn Martinez was a teacher. But when her country needed her, she answered and agreed to be transformed into a war machine…a Finger of God.

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Short Stories

Title: The Cost of Power (2017)
Genre: Horror

Suddenly you hear voices in your head…

All of the things you remember about who you are and what you’ve done come under fire…

Is old King Jibola finally going insane or is something else afoot? The king dreamed a dream of a wild witch that does not exist. At least that’s what everyone told him. But, he remembers her. He can see her face as clearly as he sees his own hands before his eyes. So, what exactly happened that fateful day when he met her, or imagined he did? Beset upon by dark thoughts of hell, sorrow and a haunting voice demanding payment, King Jibola assumes he has finally lost his mind much like his father before him. But is that the truth? What is true if your reason has left you?

Find out the dark truth!

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