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LTJG J. Allen Whitt, USS Coral Sea, 1966

J. Allen Whitt is a Vietnam veteran of three combat deployments to the Gulf of Tonkin aboard an aircraft carrier. He recently retired as a Professor Emeritus of Sociology.

His novel Notes From the Other Side of the Mountain: Love Confronts the Wounds of War, was a Finalist in the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. An essay of his won First Place in a national creative writing contest for veterans.

He has publications in Military Experience and the Arts, Fifty-Something, Lyric, Cream City Review, Lowestoft Chronicle, Good Old Days, Reminisce, Front Porch, Westview, Concho Review, and Louisville Magazine.


Title: Notes from the Other Side of the Mountain:
Love Confronts the Wounds of War
Publisher: BlueSkyWriter/2017
Genre: Romance/Military

J. Allen Whitt’s debut novel introduces Gary Reed, a shy and inexperienced 17-year old who discovers first love in a small mountain town in the Southwest. Threatened by the draft, he joins the Navy and is pulled into the Vietnam War. His vivid, first-person narration places us aboard a Navy warship where routine can quickly turn deadly.

Traumatized by his experiences in Vietnam, Gary returns to his hometown, hoping to rekindle a relationship with Kristina Preston, his former sweetheart, and recover peace of mind within the tranquility of the mountains.

Yet, as their relationship deepens, Kristy reveals that she, too, is tormented by events from her past. Their hidden injuries and unexpected twists of fortune will place in jeopardy all they have—and all they hope for.

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