Scribendi, a provider of online editing and proofreading, has published a blog post entitled #SquadGoals: The Top Writing Groups throughout History, and included SouthWest Writers on their list of the best writing groups currently in operation!   SWW

Here is a portion of this great article that compares historical writing groups to their modern equivalents.


6. Los Contemporáneos (Est. 1920)

Los Contemporáneos, a group of contemporary Mexican writers, shared common interests in both art and culture. They were eager to modernize not only literature but also their surrounding culture and bring their visions to life through publication.

Modern Equivalent: SouthWest Writers

SouthWest Writers, located in New Mexico, is devoted to helping both published and unpublished writers. They offer contests, critiques, groups, workshops, and more; like Los Contemporáneos, the group allows writers to share their writing professionally.


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