Contest Submission Form

For 2022, we offer five main contest categories divided into a total of eighteen sub-categories:

A1 Interior Artwork
A2 Cover Artwork

Book Related
B1 Opening Chapter (published book)
B2 Opening Chapter (UNpublished book)
B3 Book Review
B4 Book Query Letter
B5 Elevator Pitch/Tagline
B6 Script Logline
C1 Limerick
C2 Haiku
C3 Sonnet
C4 Free Verse

Prose/Stories (Fiction)
D1 Flying
D2 Voyages
D3 Mountains/Volcanoes
D4 Celestial Bodies

Travel & Memoir
E1 Travel
E2 Memoir

For detailed information about the contest, go to the main Contest Page.

Late entry fees apply from May 1 through the end of the contest on May 15, 2022.

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