Board of Directors

All current SWW members are welcome to observe our monthly board meetings held at Carlisle Executive Offices at 6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. For directions, visit our Contact page.

2019 SWW Board of Directors

Members of the board can be contacted via the SouthWest Writers office email at

*Executive Committee Bios

President:  Rose Marie Kern

Vice President:  Melody Groves

Treasurer:  Kent Langsteiner

Secretary:  Patricia Walkow


At Large Board Members

Sarah Baker: Media & PR

Jennifer Black: Finance

Dino De Leyba: Membership

Melody Groves: Classes and Workshops

Sam Moorman: Facilities Manager

Kathy Schuit: Sage Editor & Elerts

Paul Shank: Meeting Media and Video

Franchesca Stevens: Volunteer Coordinator

Jim Tritten: Conferences

Kathy Wagoner: Website

Dan Wetmore: Historian/Awards/Scholarships


ReVah Loring: Office Manager

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