AmazonSmile Setup

If you use a computer or mobile browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome:

1. Navigate to this page: Click the menu bar on the upper left to select or change your charity. (You can also do this from your account tab.)
2. Select your charity by typing in SouthWest Writers Workshop into the search bar.

3. A list of organizations will pop up. Click on the one based in Albuquerque and then press select.

4. A notification will appear informing you that your charity has been selected or changed to SWW.

5. Now that you’ve confirmed your charity, you can browse and buy as usual.
6. Remember, every time you go to purchase something please use the URL so that your gift is properly routed.

If you use the AmazonSmile App on your phone here are the instructions:

The App designation to SWW needs to be renewed every six months. This is how you do that:

If you use AmazonSmile on a desktop or mobile browser, you do not need to renew your selection. This is only a requirement of the Amazon Shopping App on phones.

Thank you for considering selecting SWW to receive your Amazon generated donations!

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