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Andy Mayo spent 40 years working in corporate America before beginning his writing career. He is a member of SouthWest Writers and served on the Board of Directors. Before joining the corporate world in various marketing and business unit management capacities he was a newspaper reporter at two metro dailies. He has written three plays that have been produced: Blood and Water; the one-man show Wish Upon A Star, intimate reflections of Walt Disney; and Confess and Conspire. He is a Network Playwright at Chicago Dramatists Center for New Play Development where three other plays have had readings: Lyndon Agonistes, Secret Formula, and The Dream House. He is also a member of Albuquerque Theatre Guild’s Playwrights Circle.

Plays Produced

Title: Blood and Water
Produced: September 12–29, 2019; Aux Dog Theatre, Albuquerque, NM
Genre: Drama, Mystery/Thriller

“At first glance, Blood and Water, a new play by Albuquerque playwright Andy Mayo, looks like a Sam Shepard knock-off….If you’re not a Sam Shepard fan, don’t let that put you off. I enjoyed this play more than I ever enjoyed any Sam Shepard play that I have seen.” – Dean Yannias, Talkin’ Broadway

Blood and Water, the newest production playing at the Aux Dog Theatre (and a world premiere at that) is a strong new piece from Albuquerque based playwright Andy Mayo….It is my hope that Blood and Water continues to evolve and, most importantly, be produced. Such an interesting homegrown piece deserves as wide an audience as it can get, and I imagine other audiences will enjoy it as much as the crowd I saw it with did this last weekend.”- Zoe Burke, Broadway World.

The play was developed at Chicago Dramatists with MT Cozzola and had a public reading in Chicago as part of Nomad’s Art Collective’s The Forge new works series.

Title: Wish Upon a Star, unauthorized intimate reflections with Walt Disney
Produced: December 2017, The Cell Theatre and April 2018, Adobe Theater, Albuquerque, NM.
Genre: Docudrama/Historic, Drama

A one-man show of Walt Disney’s apocryphal film made a short time before his death.

Title: Confess and Conspire
Produced: January 2018, Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Communist spy Marie Luise von Hammerstein expects to uncover a plot to kill Hitler when she kidnaps Count Harry Kessler, bon vivant of Europe’s Belle Epoque, and the Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer—but instead provokes confessions of sexual identity and desire.

Cast of 4: 2 woman, 2 men.

Plays in Development

Title: The Dream House
Genre: Comedy, Satire

In Chicago, I’ve written a new comedy-satire about Louisa’s frustration as an artist in the real estate bubble/bust and Great Recession. Was it just a long con? Brand new.

Cast of 5: 2 women, 3 men.

Title: Lyndon Agonistes
Genre: Biography, Docudrama/Historic, Drama, Fantasy, Political, Tragedy

Lyndon, in failing health, thinks he’s finished reviewing the manuscript of his autobiography of his White House years when the three Furies appear with some editorial advice: Tell the truth for once and keep narcissism and lies from infecting the Presidency for years to come. They force him to relive his life-long struggle between pride and purpose and to admit, before his own death, why 36,0000 American had to die in Vietnam.

Cast of 5: 3 women, 1 trans, 1 man.

The play had a first reading at Chicago Dramatists’ First Draft series (February 2019) with Richard Henzel reading the part of Lyndon and moderated by Will Dunne, author of The Dramatic Writer’s Companion and other books.

Title: Secret Formula
Genre: Drama

An assisted living facility chaplain secretly administering euthanasia to end suffering finds an unlikely source for living.

Reading held October 2, 2018 at First Draft, Chicago Dramatists.

Cast of 6-7: 3 women, 4 men.

Title: Making Art
Genre: Comedy

The discovery of passion for art. A 10-minute play.

Cast of 2

Title: Ridicule
Genre: Comedy, Satire

The consequences of an online video going viral. A 10-minute play.

Cast of 4

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