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Dan Wetmore is a North Carolina transplant, having landed in New Mexico after twenty years’ peripatations with the U.S. military, during which he performed tours of duty in a nuclear missile silo as an ICBM launch officer, as an Instructor of Ethics and Logic at the US Air Force Academy, launching satellites aboard decommissioned ICBMs, and overseeing a communications post in southern Turkey.

Now enjoying the luxury of time, he’s seeking to turn a life-long avocation into second vocation, drawing on the quixotic influences his first half-century have afforded him. Those include dual degrees in Philosophy from Saint Andrews Presbyterian College and Bowling Green State University, years as a backpacker and marathon runner, affinities for furniture making and automotive restoration, along with a penchant for genealogy.

His enduring and endearing wife, two mischievous sons, one semi-comatose cat and a taciturn, slightly menacing turtle keep him grounded, challenged and grateful.

My Mother’s Gentle Unbecoming: The Absenting of Alzheimer’s—Lines from the Sidelines is his first published book of poetry.


Title: My Mother’s Gentle Unbecoming: The Absentings of Alzheimer’s
Publisher: Saint Andrews University Press/2016
Genre: Poetry Collection

This collection of poetry chronicles my mother’s descent into the privations of Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s attempt to be an oblique voice for one who’s become unavoidably voiceless, and not have such a taking pass without being taken to task.

The blank page was best scapegoat to be found for the frustrations of these days, in hopes that casting words might somehow substitute for our own wanderings in the wilderness. Intended take-away is an appreciation that the lion’s share of a life lies in the ripples we imbue in others, that in sadness we see the shadow cast by former joys. It’s hoped the whole will be seen a portrait of a love, simply reflected in the mirror of grief.

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