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Debra has had multiple careers including data processing, human/equine bodywork, and senior healthcare. For decades, she was a horse owner/rider and decided to share her adventures with others through her memoir. Cutting her teeth writing fan fiction, she waded into the murky world of self-publishing to create her book, and illustrated it with sketches and watercolor. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and multiple cats, where in addition to reading, writing and painting, she enjoys gardening.

More about Debra

Debra has always loved to read and enjoyed an active imagination. What began as a simple fan searching for stories on fan fiction sites evolved into submitting her own stories and receiving positive reviews. Joining a local writing group, she began to hone her skills—which she considers an ongoing job. This desire to improve led her to SouthWest Writers due to their many opportunities for learning. Her next project has been rumbling around in her head for years and will be a science fiction novel.


Title: Heart Horses: A Woman’s Journey
Publisher: Amazon/2021
Genre: Memoir

What would you do if you suddenly had the chance to realize your childhood dream? Would you take the journey? Debra did, and you can go with her as she learns the joys, struggles and heartbreak of being a horse owner. With the invaluable support of her husband, Debra learns to groom, saddle and ride a gentle, yet spirited, mare named Hannah that quickly becomes central to her world. When the horse is forced into retirement and Debra receives her own unwelcome health news, she must re-evaluate her goals. Undaunted, she sets off in another direction, bringing new, sometimes unexpected, horses into her heart. Join a novice horsewoman as she learns to care for and compete in various sports while struggling with the sometimes grim realities that we all face in life. Throughout her journey, Debra always strives for knowledge, enjoys the moments and adapts to many different bumps in the road as she fulfills her dream.

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