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Jennifer (Lynn Andrepont) Trotter is an award-winning author with a successful career as a business and government technical writer and editor, marketing professional, English teacher, and librarian. Her essays, stories, poetry, press releases, newsletters, and other documents have earned acclaim and recognition in various writing competitions.

While obtaining a master’s degree in English from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), she wrote several one-act plays, five of which were produced off-campus through a community playwrights’ group called Eavesdrop Theatre with one play, called Sargasso, debuting in New York City for a midday performance at the (now defunct) Quaigh Theater.

Jennifer is currently seeking to publish her first novel set in Louisiana during prehistoric Archaic times and a collection of short stories tied to the history of Louisiana set in the 18th century, including “Crossed Paths” featured in the SouthWest Writers 2021 anthology Ramblings & Reflections which won second place in the Historical Prose category.

Articles & Essays

“Eavesdropping in the Big Apple” ♦ The Best of Lafayette Arts & Entertainment Magazine

“Gearing Up for the National Nursing Home Quality Initiative in New Mexico” ♦ Health Care Perspectives

“New Mexico Medical Review Association Announces New Mexico Hospitals Now Voluntarily Reporting Quality of Care Data” ♦ New Mexico Senior Citizen News – Senior Expo 2004

“Health Care for the 21st Century, Local Efforts Build Around Remaking American Medicine” ♦ Health Care Perspectives

“Health Care Explored in PBS Series” ♦ Southwest Senior Health & Fitness

“New Mexico MRSA Collaborative Celebrates the Conclusion of Year-long Efforts” ♦ News Release (Health Watch USA)

“Two New Mexico Hospitals Recognized for Achievement” ♦ The New Mexico Senior Citizen News

“Roots and Branches” ♦ SouthWest Writers Southwest Sage, June 2019, p. 8

“A Winter Fragrance, Long-Remembered” ♦ SouthWest Writers Southwest Sage, February 2021, p. 13


“American Nomads” ♦ SouthWest Writers Southwest Sage, November 2018, p. 7

Short Stories

“Mystery of the Dead Sisters” ♦ Genre: Mystery ♦ SouthWest Writers Southwest Sage, May 2018, p. 15

“Long Road Home” ♦ Genre: Fiction ♦ SouthWest Writers Southwest Sage, November 2020, p. 11

Anthology: Ramblings and Reflections: Winning Words of SouthWest Writers 2021 Contest
Publisher: SouthWest Writers (2021)

“Crossed Paths” (p. 124) ♦ 2nd Place, History

During a Mississippi River excursion at the dawning of the 18th century, a young Canadian fur trapper, a courier du bois, meets his first love, an indigenous girl, who he must leave behind to seek his destiny, eventually crossing her path again after his Pascagoula indentureship where he joins other first-generation Louisiana immigrants, French and Germans, to settle on the river just north of New Orleans. This story in the category of Historical Prose is featured in the 2021 anthology of SouthWest Writers containing top award-winning work.

Available for Sale


Anthology: Seeing the World in 20/20
Publisher: SouthWest Writers (2020)

“An Extraordinary Incident” (p. 189) ♦ 3rd Place, Social Consciousness

When everyday seems exactly like the day before, an aging white man unconsciously performing a small act of kindness towards a black man during the 1960s in the Jim Crow south can be “extraordinary.” This story in the category of Social Consciousness is featured in the 2020 anthology of SouthWest Writers containing top award-winning work.

Available for Sale


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