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Judyth Shamosh Ph.D., has been a clinical practitioner since 1994. Founder of Greenfingers Herbal Medicine Clinic, she practices Ayurvedic, Classical Chinese, and Western herbal medicines and teaches apprentices. She has served on the governing council of the American Herbalist’s Guild, Arizona Herb Association, and RainStar University College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and been adjunct faculty of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Judyth has also worked as assistant curator of the Phoenix Art Museum, and as a geologist, archaeologist, and yoga instructor.

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I write about connection whether it be topics such as Entanglement between physics and art, The Nature of the Spaces Between that connects consciousness and chemistry, or What is Beauty? connecting the spiritual and the human condition.

Nonfiction Books

Title: The Physics & Poetry of Easternherbal Medicine
Sub-Title: How Modern Physics Validates Eastern Medicine
Publisher: ‎Cardinal Publisher’s Group (April 1, 2022)
Genre: Alternative Health

The Poetry and Physics of Eastern Herbal Medicine provides a systematic understanding and appreciation of Eastern medicine and clearly compares and validates it with modern physics in layperson’s terms. It identifies how both these fields use metaphorical poetry to explain their theories and our everyday experiences, and offers analytical thinkers a significant understanding of so called mystical Eastern medicine. Until now, none have so clearly bridged-the-gap between Eastern medicine principles and Western thinking and science in any depth. Unusually and uncommonly proficient in both science and Eastern medicine, this book delivers distinct insights into the seemingly divergent worlds of Eastern medicine and modern physics.

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Poetry Unpublished

“Magnetic Merging” ♦ Abyss and the Light
“ChopWood, Carry Water”
“Labyrinth of Life”
“Weep the Darkness Clear”
“Song That Sings Me”
“Fly Free”
“Here for You”

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