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I love creating my own worlds in short stories, novellas, and novel-length works of fantasy and science fiction. As a child I wrote because it took me away to places and times not my own, without thought of a future career. After a long detour called life—serving in the military, raising four children, studying computer programming and accounting—I returned to my first love of writing. I’m currently working on the dark fantasy trilogy The Last Bonekeeper, as well as a short story collection in the same universe. In a departure from the speculative fiction genre, I took on the pen name of Cate Macabe and authored This New Mountain (Casa de Snapdragon Publishing, 2012), the memoir of private investigator and repo-mama AJ Jackson.


TNM_FinalCover200_72Title: This New Mountain
Sub-title: A memoir of AJ Jackson as told to Cate Macabe
Publisher: Casa de Snapdragon Publishing (2012)

Genre: Memoir

Like most private investigators, AJ Jackson has more than one foot in the fire to make ends meet—driving a tow truck and serving legal documents for local law firms. But not every PI is a mother of four, a grandmother of ten, an ex-gun dealer and former mental patient, or a descendant of a great Choctaw chief. This New Mountain is a memoir of Vinnie Ann “AJ” Jackson, a country girl with a go-to-hell attitude who must face her fears to keep her sanity and make a future for herself.

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Short Stories

StorytellersAnthology_FrontCover2“Fair Trade” ♦ Genre: Science Fiction
Anthology: The Storyteller’s Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (2013)

Dozens of SWW members (aided by best-selling authors) donated prose, poetry and photos to produce this first-class anthology. Inside you will find a hard-hitting introduction by Anne Hillerman, daughter of beloved southwestern mystery master, the late Tony Hillerman; a killer short story by the thriller king himself, David Morrell; a short story that’s southwestern to the bone by Chuck Greaves; and a tale with a southern twist by SWW member Sarah Storme/Baker. Eleven short stories follow, along with five book excerpts, three memoirs, eight essays and nonfiction offerings, and nine poems—recommended for those not into poetry—complete this fine collection. The Land of Enchantment will come to life before your eyes in the original prose, poetry and photos presented in The Storyteller’s Anthology.

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