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I am a physician and a writer. Life’s journeys never brought me to the point where I would have enough material and more importantly a shape to what I wished to say so I remained unpublished. I write with the pen name of Hubshey D. Rogers as this would be a close semblance to my given Muslim name. I started using a pen name somewhat for privacy but initially mostly for deniability.


caterpillar150_2Title: Caterpillar
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services  (2016)
Genre: Philosophical Novel

This book is a philosophical journey that Zarathustra, from Nietzsche’s “Thus spoke Zarathustra,” undertakes in the Muslim World. His journey begins with an encounter with the fallen angel. Later on he encounters an important religious figure and converses about the need for yet another new religion. Questions for Reconstruction of Islamic thought arise. At the end is a supplement in the Urdu language to save the author from any loss in translation.

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