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Cody W. Benjamin grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1970, joined the Peace Corps, and spent two years in India as a volunteer in a farm management program. He returned to the USA to go to graduate school and completed his master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and did a two-year tour in Sudan with Lutheran World Relief and the Harvard Institute for International development. Cody rejoined the Peace Corps in 1979 and spent almost five years in Malaysia as a member of the staff. In 1983 he returned to his hometown of Albuquerque.

Cody released his first book, Shaitan, in December 2018. He is working on a second thriller with a working title of Arbor Day in Quang Tri Province about the fall of Saigon, the exodus of the boat people to neighboring countries, and the repercussions for the Peace Corps program in Malaysia.


Title: Shaitan
Publisher: Inksmith (2018)
Genre: Paranormal

Jim Fairchild, the new Peace Corps rep in Borneo, East Malaysia, discovers one of his volunteers in a torrid affair with a gorgeous Malay woman. She is a shaitan, a femme fatale with supernatural powers, who can turn herself into a deadly tiger. When the volunteer appears to have died in an auto accident and the woman disappears, Jim wants answers. His investigation leads to three CIA agents masquerading as butterfly collectors, a Malay army colonel on a mission, and Chainsaw Chan, a Chinese timber tycoon and master spy for Red China. Chan oversees a secret lab to train shaitans for use as super weapons against the West. The CIA wants Jim to use his Peace Corps cover to locate the spy lab. As the agents and Malaysian colonel struggle to destroy Red China’s clandestine operation in Borneo, Jim and his beautiful Eurasian bride have their own secret score to settle with Chainsaw Chan. Shaitan will transport you to a thrilling world of unforgettable characters and exotic locations.

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