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Judy Liddell is an Albuquerque freelance writer with a specialty in nature and the out-of-doors. Her work has appeared in the Audubon Naturalist Society News, Bosque Tracks, Burrowing Owl, Desert USA, Gifted Travel, Travelmag, Travel with Gusto, and Albuquerque Journal. She is co-author of Birding Hotspots of Central New Mexico and Birding Hotspots of Santa Fe, Taos, and Northern New Mexico. She writes two blogs: JudysJottings.com and WingAndSong.com.


Title: Birding Hot Spots of Central New Mexico
Publisher: Texas A & M University Press (2011)
Genre: Nature

The mission of the book, co-authored with Barbara Hussey and published by Texas A & M University Press as part of their W.L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series and a finalist in the AZ/NM Book Awards, is to provide user-friendly resources to help both new and experienced birders locate convenient places to enjoy their passion, or to assist visitors and newcomers to locate specific bird species.There are 29 different site descriptions organized by habitat, such as Sandia Foothills and Along the Rio Grande.

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Texas A&M University Press
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Title: Birding Hot Spots of Santa Fe, Taos and Northern New Mexico
Publisher: Texas A & M University Press (2015)
Genre: Nature

In their second guide to birding in New Mexico, Judy Liddell and Barbara Hussey share their experiences and intimate knowledge of the best places to find birds in and around Santa Fe and other areas in northern New Mexico. It was a 2016 Winner in the AZ/NM Book Awards in the category of Reference Book. Following the same format as their book on the Albuquerque area, the authors describe 32 sites organized by geographic regions. Along with a general description of each area, the authors list target birds; explain where and when to look for them; give driving directions; provide information about public transportation, parking, fees, restrooms, food, and lodging; and give tips on availability of water and picnic facilities and on the presence of hazards such as poison ivy, rattlesnakes, and bears. Maps and photographs provide trail diagrams and images of some of the target birds and their environments.

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Texas A&M University Press
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