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Kit Crumpton is the author of two historical novels—The Fading of Lloyd (2017) and The Fading of Kimberly (2018)—and one historical nonfiction book, Please Send Ketchup: WWII Letters from a B-29 Pilot (2019). She believes a good book teaches history through good storytelling. Kit has a Master of Science in Computer Science from New Mexico State University; a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from New Mexico State University; a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice from American University in Washington D.C.; and an Associate Degree in Police Science from Northern Virginia Community College. She is also a toastmaster, holds a Honeywell Aero patent, and is a graduate of Honeywell’s Project Engineering Academy. It was through her studies of Dr. Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory (at the Bowen Center in Washington D.C.) that she became interested in genealogy and collecting oral histories of her own nuclear and extended family members. Kit has worked as a software, systems, and project engineer but now writes and publishes her books full time. She loves history (particularly WWII history) and anything having to do with behavior, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and criminology. The journey of life is so interesting.


Title: Please Send Ketchup: WWII Letters from a B-29 Pilot
Published: July 2019
Genre: Historical Nonfiction

Please Send Ketchup: WWII Letters from a B-29 Pilot is a collection of letters written by the author’s father intermixed with descriptions of B-29 Superfortress bombing missions over Japan during the last year of WWII. This non-fiction book answers the question, “How does one preserve their heart, mind and soul in a brutal theater of fire during war?” The author’s father knew the answer: faith in God, community involvement, planning a future, love of country, duty, and staying close to family. Excerpts from Please Send Ketchup:

May 26: Tokyo: Over four hundred ninety B-29s attacked Tokyo. This mission experienced the highest loss in B-29 history, twenty-six. Average bomb load 6.75 tons. Estimated total tonnage dropped is three thousand three hundred sixty tons….
Dearest Jeanne,
…After the mission, I showered and ate and went to sleep. Got up this morning just fifteen minutes before class. I guess I slept or rested almost twenty hours. Boy, I was exhausted….
Goodnight my sweetest.
Your Loving Husband and Daddy, Eino
P.S. At eleven o’clock I will kiss you goodnight.
P.P.S. Please send me some canned food, ketchup, mustard, Jello, canned corn on the cob, pears, peaches, anything like that.

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Title: The Fading of Kimberly
Published: August 2018
Genre: Historical Fiction

Kimberly, a beautiful narcissist, commits a murder of passion and ends up in an insane asylum. Her father agrees with the doctor’s recommendation for her cure. Riley Nacht is a criminal psychopath whose heinous crimes lands him in the same institution. When Kimberly was a child, she had watched one of Riley’s murders. Eddie Fisk, a hospital assistant working in the asylum, knows both patients and is drawn into their circumstances to his own demise. This historical novel is set in the early twentieth century at Elgin State Mental Hospital. The director and hospital doctors struggle in providing care for those they believe can be cured amongst those who are forever dependent upon the hospital’s care.

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Title: The Fading of Lloyd
Published: January 2017
Genre: Historical Fiction

The Fading of Lloyd embroils the reader in family history as members struggle through historic challenges: the end of the American frontier, the dawn of railroad travel that wove Midwest communities together, World War I, and the social mores of the 1920s and 1930s. The Huttleston family, whose son, Lloyd, is mentally retarded, struggles to cope with the difficulties encountered with his care. After he is diagnosed schizophrenic and institutionalized, Lloyd dies during shock therapy. The Fading of Lloyd poses many questions by revealing a family’s journey with mental retardation and the actions of an insane asylum in early 20th century. Armed with today’s knowledge, this journey is filled with tragic realizations and even horror at what were considered “norms” at the time.

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