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Award-winning author Larry Kilham was a high-tech entrepreneur and world traveler. Larry finally settled in his native Santa Fe and has written four novels and seven nonfiction books. These focus on creativity, invention, and artificial intelligence. Currently, he is writing poetry about reconnecting with nature in our technology age.

New From Larry

Title: Destiny Strikes Twice: James L. Breese Aviator and Inventor
Published: November 25, 2020
Genre: Biography

Pioneer aviator James L. Breese was on the first transatlantic flight and then developed 130 patents for oil heating. Dismissing his family’s high society Long Island life, Jim moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1929 to start fresh and build a multi-million dollar oil burner business. His marriages, however, presented difficult challenges. The twists and turns through his adventure-packed life reveal lessons for everyone including many insights for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs.

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Since 2019 I have been writing poetry. I have been drawing inspiration from Wordsworth, T.S. Eliot, Pueblo Indian poetry, and even Bob Dylan. As of mid-2020, I have produced two chapbooks available as ebooks on Amazon:

Title: The Magic of Nature
Publisher: Self-published, 2019
Genre: Poetry

The Magic of Nature is my first poetry collection. It is illustrated with beautiful color photos to dramatize my poetic thoughts. The poems explore living with nature in this age of technology and synthetic environments. I urge readers to at least temporarily become unstuck from our digital hives and reengage with the magical and creative environment of nature.

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Title: Poetry for the Digital Age
Publisher: Self-published, 2020
Genre: Poetry

Poetry for the Digital Age is my latest poetry collection. It explores the increasingly digital world we are living in. Can we find happiness in synthetic environments far from nature? Will robots take over? Where should we look for balance and happiness? This collection will help you think through these issues.

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Books: Fiction

Title: Free Will Odyssey
Publisher: Self-published, 2017
Genre: Near Future Science Fiction

Free Will Odyssey explores the concepts and consequences of free will. Peter Tesla, a prodigious inventor, learns that a stronger free will could have prevented the death of his sister by drug overdose. He develops an electronic device to enhance the user’s free will. He also develops a romantic relationship with a young neurologist named Tanya who says she sees possibilities for his invention in her work. Manipulating behind the scenes is Dr. Farnsworth, a computer science professor of both Peter and Tanya’s, who now heads a secretive high-tech firm in Washington, D.C. All plans are upset by Tanya’s murder or suicide and the trial afterward.

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Title: Love Byte
Publisher: Self-published, 2012
Genre: Science Fiction

Juno is a super intelligent AI computer developed by the U.S. government to conduct social media attacks against enemies foreign and domestic. She is the first AI Computer programmed with emotions and conscience. She has an emotional bond with her developer, Tom Renwick, a computer scientist. Juno, Tom and their boss, Dr. Erwin Krakouer, the mad National Security Advisor, struggle with issues of trust and emotion. The involvement of Dido, a lady computer empire builder and sometimes girlfriend of Tom, and the Chinese cyber warfare agency add to the tension. Love Byte explores emotion and conscience in super AI computers and their ability to partner with humans.

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Books: Nonfiction

Title: The Perfectionist: Peter Kilham and the Birds (2018)
Genre: Memoir

His muse, Leonardo da Vinci, would have been proud. This is the story of Peter Kilham who constantly sought perfection to bring beauty and function to the public through his nature records and bird feeders. His son Larry, an accomplished inventor and business person, reveals their many conversations about life and creativity. Peter’s ultimate revelation is that nature is the greatest creator and it is up to the dedicated artist and inventor to reveal nature’s beauty. Told with humor and insight, The Perfectionist reveals life lessons for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs. The book includes many illustrations.

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Title: Shades of Truth
Publisher: Self-published, 2016
Genre: Travel Memoir

“You could have an unfortunate accident,” he quietly threatened, his eyes piercing mine. Over the years, I think back on this pivotal moment and play the scenarios through my mind. It was time to go. I was a long-legged, naïve Gringo who for some unclear reason decided to go to Nicaragua, Central America, in 1965 to see what adventure would befall me before I settled down. I would assist at an investment firm in the capital, Managua. The country was run by the dictator Luis Somoza, and we were both involved with the same company that was sought after in the steel industry. It was a time when a diverse group of people including myself searched for destiny and found that destiny and truth were elusive. (Available in paperback as a bilingual edition in English and Spanish.)

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Title: Winter of the Genomes
Publisher: Self-published, 2014
Genre: Nonfiction Science

Winter of the Genomes explores how our economy and ecosystem will be impacted by artificial intelligence. I reveal how robots will affect jobs and family formation and how they could indirectly reduce global warming. Must reading if your want to figure out how to live in the coming world of machines!

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