Patricia L. Moorman

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Pat Moorman





Pat Moorman lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she does work for home aide companies. In addition to writing, she enjoys making crazy clay animals in her spare time and selling them to shoppers at art fairs. She has had a long, crazy life. Her novel, Mad Beach, is part of it.


Title: Mad Beach
Publisher: Dorrance/2021
Genre: Mystery

For Claire Chapman, life in Florida in the 1970s is anything but boring as she spends her days busy managing the employees of a Publix delicatessen, and finessing the art of dealing with some of the deli’s quirkier customers. And though her work-life may be hectic at times—especially around the holidays—she’s happy, spending her nights quiet at home with her cats, wondering what kinds of shenanigans her beloved husband, Matt, will get into after work. But when her normal life takes a sudden turn following the disappearance of one of her employees, Claire is determined to find out what happened to her, not knowing the potential cost.

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