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Sandi has always been fascinated by animals, plants, and birds. Her childhood behind-the-scenes experiences during Summer Zoo School at the San Diego Zoo reinforced her enthusiasm. She spent her working career as executive director of the Houston Audubon Society and then the Bayou Preservation Association, both active conservation non-profit organizations. While those positions led to interesting activities, her writing was specific and pragmatic. There was no humor or fiction involved in position papers and environmental statements. Before joining the Corrales Writing Group her avocational writing was confined to personal travel journals and descriptive letters to family and friends, plus the occasional article for local newsletters. Since procrastination is easy—seemingly, only deadlines prompt action—joining the Corrales Writing Group has demanded the discipline of writing on a regular basis. Learning the craft of writing in a more formal way through presentation, followed by critique from this trusted group of friends, has provided a safe place to learn new skills and grow as an author.

A birder and naturalist, she enjoys watching and analyzing the behavior of wildlife, trying to understand how they fulfill their basic needs. Her writings frequently reflect her interest in the natural world. Indulging her curiosity about nature has inspired trips to experience wilderness first hand. From King Eiders in Barrow, Alaska, to King Penguins on South Georgia Island, seeing animals in their natural habitat has been a life-long pursuit. She still gazes out her office window, or pets her cat (always kept safely indoors), instead of writing.

Articles/Essays/Poems/Short Stories

“How Could I Disappear?”
My Wandering Uterus: tales of traveling while female
Editors: K.A. Laity and H. Byron Ballard
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 2018)

My Wandering Uterus: A diverse treasure trove from women across the globe and from every walk of life! This book contains memoirs, stories and poetry about the experiences of being a woman on the road — the joys, the perils, the lessons, the changes. From spiritual pilgrimages to forced evacuations, in pursuit of opportunity or to escape from the past, travel broadens the mind — and broads’ travel writing will delight your heart!

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“No Longer in Service” ♦ with Jim Tritten
Anthology Askew Volume 005: Fantastically Askew (February 1, 2018), 143-158

This is the fifth installment of the Askew Anthology series, and this volume is about the worlds of fantasy. We challenged our writers to explore the realms of fantasy from new perspectives, such as magepunk (a blending of the steampunk genre with the magic elements of a fantasy) to other outside the box takes. We weren’t disappointed in the results. As usual, we found that sometimes, our askew authors and poets color far outside the lines, and that is a wonderful part of being askew as well. In these pages you will experience fantastic worlds where technology and magic coexist in harmony, and others where the two collide head-on, leaving a swath of pain and destruction in their wake. We have hidden worlds, journeys through time, and even a high-tech wizard or two. This volume also marks the appearance of some of our youngest askew talent yet. Short stories, flash stories and poetry by some of the brightest new teen stars on the askew horizon await you in this volume. Let go of your preconceived ideas about what fantasy means, come explore what being Fantastically Askew is all about, in both poetry and prose. We think you will find the journey one that you won’t soon forget.

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“Enough to Kill” ♦ Pen name: Blaire Logan (with Jim Tritten)
Anthology Askew Volume 003: Askew Adventures (July 2, 2017), 25-34
Rizal Journal, Issue 1 (December 28, 2016), 10-21
The Criterion eJournal, Vol. 7, Issue VI (December 2016), 377-384
Publisher: CreateSpace (December 2016)

This third volume in the Anthology Askew series is all about adventure. The stories, flashes and poems in this volume cover many genres and types of writing, and they may just make you reevaluate what you consider adventure to be. With Askewian Authors, expect the unexpected.

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Anthology Askew Volume 003: Amazon
Rizal Journal: Amazon

Free PDF Version

The Criterion: “Enough to Kill”

“Small Discoveries-Small Delights”
Anthology: Passages: A Corrales Writing Group Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (2017)

Passages is the fourth anthology from the Corrales Writing Group. It contains not only humor, fiction, essay, and memoir but the creative work of nineteen artists from the Corrales area. Passages contains all interior artwork in glorious color.

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Currents Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology150“There’s a Diva in the House” ♦ Humor
“It’s All About Sex” ♦ Natural History Essay
“Running Away From Home” ♦ Creative Nonfiction
Anthology: Currents: Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology
Publisher: Corrales Writing Group LLC (2015)
Genre: Mixed

Currents is an anthology of work from the Corrales Writing Group for the year 2015. It includes humor, fiction, essays and memoir.

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CorralesWritingGroupAnthology“Lighter Than Air” ♦ Memoir
“Right Seat Perspective” ♦ Essay
“Kite Flying Rediscovered” ♦ Memoir
“Backyard Distractions” ♦ Natural History Essay
Anthology: Corrales Writing Group 2014 Anthology
Publisher: Corrales Writing Group LLC (2014)
Genre: Mixed

This anthology is a compilation of work written by members of the Corrales Writing Group. It includes memoirs, humor, philosophy, fantasy, poignancy, whimsy and fiction, to make the reader laugh, cry, smile, and reminisce. Topics range from romance, through travel, multiple types of aviation, jokes, the meaning of life, sailing, village life, close encounters with wild animals, a burial, an automobile accident, a bedtime and a children’s story.

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CorralesWritingGroup2013Anthology150“An Amazon Night” ♦ Fiction
“My Father Had a Sweet Tooth” ♦ Memoir
“What Love Is” ♦ Poem
“Saving Mother Earth” ♦ Poem

Anthology: Corrales Writing Group 2013 Anthology
Publisher: Corrales Writing Group LLC (2013)
Genre: Mixed

This anthology is a compilation of work written by members of the Corrales Writing Group, located in central New Mexico. It includes memoirs, essays, poetry and fiction that will make the reader laugh, cry, smile and reminisce. Topics range from war, to marriage, to love, to wonder of the universe.

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