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Sarah Leamy is a writer, cartoonist, and photographer spending most of her time at home but also in Vermont while pursuing her MFA in Writing and Publishing. Born in England, she has spent most of her life in the Southwest of the USA after exploring Europe in her early twenties. Two of her novels have won Best Gay Fiction in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards, and Van Life, a travelogue, was named Grand Winner in the Northwest Book Contest of 2017.

Vermont College of Fine Arts awarded Sarah the Director’s Award in 2017 as well as the Vermont Book Award Fellowship for 2017/8. She’s also been awarded a scholarship for the Post-Graduate Writer’s Conference in Vermont 2018. Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) has selected her for the Mentorship Program in 2018. She just received the MFA in Writing Program Merit Scholarship for 2018/9. Her work can be found on Bunbury Magazine (UK), Hunger Mountain, and Rovers North among others. She has recently been named finalist for Glimmer Train (twice) and Writing by Writers. She is on the editorial team for Upstreet, Hunger Mountain, and

She is currently writing a collection of shorts called Ambiguity, as well as revising On her Feet, a novel that is set in the squatting scene of East London in 1993.

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My goal as a professor is to bring my international and cross-cultural experiences from my travels into the academic setting. With a lightness of manner and a thoroughness to detail, I teach how our memories are a rich fertile ground for inspiration. In my classroom, we build portfolios of cross-genre work as well as think of our long-term goals. The students are aware of creating a working practice to suit their individual needs and lifestyles.

I teach creative writing with an emphasis on fiction and nonfiction. Flash fiction, for example, is a slice of life as it’s a short dense prose that challenges students to find the core, the essence of a story, trusting the words. There is an unending supply of exercises to generate new work, short and to the point. These can be built into longer works or just acknowledged as entrances into imagination and sensation. Nonfiction, essays, and travel narratives are explorations of self, identity, and place. I teach how trusting our memories through visualizations, both auditory and visual, inspire associative writing and a faith in the words themselves. We all have a rich source of ideas within ourselves. As a class we develop our weaknesses as much as our strengths by listing such skills and knowing ourselves well enough to see where we excel and what we avoid, for example epiphanies, chronic versus acute action, titles, emotion, language and forms. We need each other to learn and to develop an appreciation of a writing community. I aim to dive and become engaged as a writer and presenter.

Books, Fiction

Title: When No One’s Looking (2015)
Genre: Gay Fiction

A novel that spans six countries and 40 years, the story centers on an obsessive pair of lovers who cannot stay away from each other. Joey and Kat have had a messy relationship dating back to 1967. A random encounter in a small town in New Mexico takes them both aback. They part yet come back together repeatedly in Central America, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, and back to New Mexico. “When No One’s Looking makes me homesick for the simple, hardscrabble, poetic life that unfolds daily in the Ortiz Mountains of New Mexico—and for the raw, fearless emotions and journeys of its people. Joey’s story is about the outer and inner landscapes that lead to love, to hate, and ultimately to wisdom.” ~ Carol Carpenter, Playwright, New York.
2016 Best Gay Fiction New Mexico/Arizona Book Award.

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Title: Living the Dream (2015)
Genre: Fiction

Jenny, a teacher from Olympia, WA moves to New Mexico with her musician boyfriend. They decide to give up all the conveniences of the city and follow the dream of an off-grid, sustainable and trendsetting green lifestyle in a small rural community. Just the thing to spice up their relationship, and cheaper than having a kid. They arrive in the high desert, following the GPS directions, and struggle to find the forty acres and the RV. Quickly humbled by how little prepared they are, they try to settle in within this unique small town. Only it’s not as easy as the magazines make it seem.

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Title: Lucky Shot (2012)
Genre: Fiction

A novel of sex, death, and photography is a snapshot of a journey of self-discovery. The stories told through Lucky’s candid photos are of the basic human struggles that most of us face: betrayal, loss, fear, friends who lie, and lovers who cheat. An archetypal hero’s journey.
Winner of Best Gay Fiction 2014 NM/AZ Book Awards.

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Books, Nonfiction

Title: Van Life (2016)
Genre: Memoir/Travelogue

The housesitter backed out only days before the planned departure, so Little Stevie would be coming with them after all. Three months, two dogs, and one cat: What could go wrong? With her two friendly pups, and a somewhat feral cat called Stephen, Sarah explored the backroads of the Northwest. Passing through Colorada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, this little family stumbled across little rural villages, lakes aplenty, and many a microbrewery, chatting to the locals along the way. Sarah’s stories remind us of Bill Bryson, The Tao of Pooh, and Blue Highways, in a unique blend of anecdotes of the people met, historical facts, and aided by just a little imagination.

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Title: Exploring New Mexico (2016)
Genre: Travel

Exploring New Mexico over the last twenty years has given Sarah a great sense of the most unique camping sites, hiking trails, rivers, mountains, lakes and back roads. Whether you’re an armchair traveler or keen to follow in their tracks, you’ll be inspired by the photographs and brief descriptions of the lakes and national forests.

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Title: An Old Man’s Thoughts (2014)
♦ Editor

Author: J.H. Winneberger
Genre: Memoir Essays

J.H. Winneberger tells stories about growing up in the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, studying Botany in San Francisco, shares his political insights and more from his perspective as a ninety year-old.

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