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Scott Archer Jones is currently living and working on his seventh novel in northern New Mexico, after stints in the Netherlands, Scotland and Norway plus less exotic locations. He’s worked for a power company, grocers, a lumberyard, an energy company (for a very long time), and a winery. Now he’s on the masthead of the Prague Revue, and launched a novel last year with Southern Yellow Pine, Jupiter and Gilgamesh, a Novel of Sumeria and Texas. The next book The Big Wheel, arrived in March.

He’s been a finalist a few writing contests but not yet a winner. He’s published here and there but received enough rejection to achieve humility. Scott cuts all his own firewood, lives a mile from his nearest neighbor and writes grant applications for the community. He is the Treasurer of Shuter Library of Angel Fire, a private 501.C3, and desperately needs your money to keep the doors open.


Jupiter_and_Gilgamesh72Title: Jupiter and Gilgamesh, A Novel of Sumeria and Texas
Publisher: Southern Yellow Pine Publishing (2014)
Genre: Literary Fiction

Jupiter is crazy, and not only because he lives on top of a grain elevator.

As a sixty-year-old ad exec, he knows people are his living, but he can’t bear being with more than two humans beings at a time. Unfortunately, his one psychic need is for a family, but it’s a little late to start one.

Additional complications trip him up – the Village is about to evict him, and he’s dating a twenty-five-year-old woman who’s stomping roughshod over him. He’s haunted by a child he accidentally killed years ago, and his best friend is Gilgamesh, a dead Sumerian king who gives bad advice.

The reader will treasure the funny, tragic ride through Jupiter’s life, even if Jupiter doesn’t.

Available for Sale

Southern Yellow Pine Publishing
Barnes & Noble

The Big WheelTitle: The Big Wheel
Publisher: Southern Yellow Pine Publishing (2015)
Genre: Adventure/Thriller

Robko Zlata is sprinting across America, on the run with a call girl–his ex-wife–on a hot red motorcycle. Robko is a thief, and he has stolen the wrong thing, a device that can guarantee immortality. His wrathful target, a corrupt billionaire politician, wants the world’s greatest piece of technology back. Robko’s new worst enemy unleashes his fortune and corporate security in unrelenting pursuit. “Golden Boy” Thomas Steward is asked to “follow the money” and uncover the thief with massive illegal surveillance. Thomas, morphing into his prey, becomes the most dangerous of hunters. But Thomas could die too. A gang of ex-mercenaries, good at killing, torture, and rape, are hot on the heels of Robko and Thomas. The thugs are ready to murder anyone who knows about the immortality device. Throw in the underground world of thieves and billionaires, drugs and punk clubs, five-star hotels and cheap motels, and Robko and Thomas are in for one hell of a crash.

Available for Sale

Southern Yellow Pine Publishing
Barnes & Noble

La-Elegia-por-David-Alvarez72Title: La Elegía por David Alvarez
Publisher: Onyx Neon (2015)
Genre: Literary Fiction

“David Alvarez thought sagebrush stank. No matter who told him how beautiful, how fragrant they found sagebrush, he still thought it smelled. E-voc-a-tive. Evocadar. Evocative of uncleared land killed by contorted, poisonous bushes.” With these simple lines, Scott Archer Jones puts us into Northern New Mexico, puts us into the blue-collar world of working Hispaños, puts us into the mind of a gentle man who should have lived a hundred years ago. Alvarez struggles under the weight of a murder and tries to do his back-breaking job everyday. He’s messed up from the death of his Army squad in a training accident, and redeemed by visions of the Virgin. This long short story is evocative of entrapment, and of absolution.

Available for Sale



20+ of Scott’s works for the Prague Revue can be found at Prague Revue, 2013-2015
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Short Stories

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