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I’m the author of four children’s books published by Clarion, Barefoot Books, and Scholastic (two), and am a produced playwright. I studied playwriting at the Yale School of Drama. I’ve had essays published in Newsweek, The Hartford Courant, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, etc. I’m currently working on a memoir titled Beyond Brooklyn.

My writing advice: Keep your butt on the chair. Be persistent. Don’t give up. Try to join a writers group and try to attend SWW meetings. Also, read a lot — books and magazines.


Title: One Will: Three Wives
Publisher: Adelaide Books (December 28, 2020)
Genre: Mystery

One Will: Three Wives is packed with a large array of interesting suspects — all of whom could be a murderer — and a roller coaster ride of plot twists. A cameo by the Russian Mafia, the theft of a shelter dog, hints of betrayal and romance and a well-drawn depiction of winter in New York City add to the story’s complications and appeal.” ~ Anne Hillerman, New York Times best-selling mystery author

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“Remembering Richard” ♦ The Christian Science Monitor
“BELFAST BLUES” ♦ Adelaide Magazine, July 2019 ♦ Genre: Drama

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