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Joe Porrazzo is a retired U.S. Air Force officer and currently works for the Department of Defense. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University and a master’s degree from Central Michigan University. He is a writer of mystery thrillers featuring the Alex Porter novels. His latest award-winning novel, Deliberate Deception, was released in November 2018…and was awarded 1st Place in the PSWA Writing Competition, and it is an MWSA 2019 Award Finalist pending a medal at the September 14th Awards Banquet. Joe is currently hard at work on the final novel of the Alex Porter trilogy, Revenge. A native New Englander, Porrazzo now lives in Sahuarita, Arizona. Visit his website at


Title: Solemnly Swear
Publisher: iUniverse 2007
Genre: Mystery Thriller

After a career of excitement and danger, former U.S. Air Force special agent Alex Porter retires and looks forward to leading a quiet and simple civilian life. But when he comes upon an accident turned crime scene involving New England Mafia don Vince Vionelli, Alex lands in serious hot water. Vionelli is charged with murder, and Alex is the U.S. Justice Department’s star witness against the crime boss. With the trial just days away, Vionelli’s son terrorizes Porter, forcing Alex to choose between testifying against the mob and saving his own and his daughter’s lives. But when other, even more deadly threats begin surfacing, Alex suspects there’s yet another player in this ruthless game—one who wants him eliminated no matter what.

Full of danger, deceit, and revenge, Solemnly Swear is an action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation. Awarded the PODBRAM Award for Best Plot.

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Title: Deliberate Deception
Publisher: Porter House Press 2018
Genre: Suspense Thriller

Things are heating up in Tucson, Arizona. A greedy corporation rigs a multi-million dollar raffle creating false hopes for ticket buyers. They’re not winning, they’re dying!

Deliberate Deception heralds the return of Alex Porter; retired United States Air Force OSI agent turned private investigator, in another heart-pounding Joe Porrazzo suspense thriller. Seven months after leaving New England, Alex, still grieving the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, gets a call from his friend Joe Prater. Prater’s old army buddy has gone missing from his home in Tucson, and Joe wants Alex to check it out. While investigating, Alex gets too close to the truth and finds himself caught in the deadly crosshairs. He finds himself teamed with the very person hired to kill him as they race against the clock to prevent a mysterious group from striking in Tucson and shocking the world.

Don’t miss the nonstop action. The deception is deliberate. The results are deadly.

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