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Phil Slattery is a native of Kentucky, but now resides in New Mexico. Currently, he writes mostly horror and dark fiction, but he has also written poetry and nonfiction and he dabbles in other literary forms and genres as well. Many of his works are rooted in his experiences while traveling. His fiction has been published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Ascent Aspirations, Medicinal Purposes Literary Review, Dream Fantasy International, Wilmington Blues, Möbius, Spoiled Ink, Midnight Times, Six Sentences, Sorcerous Signals, Every Day Fiction, Flash Fiction World, Through the Gaps, and Fiction on the Web. On Thanksgiving Day, 2016, he published a novelette (Click) and two collections of short stories (A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror and The Scent and Other Stories) on Amazon Kindle.


click150Novelette: Click
Publisher: Amazon Kindle (2016)
Genre: Action/Adventure

A Texas policeman, on a secluded island while recovering from the guilt of shooting an unarmed man, suddenly finds himself under attack by unknown assailants and caught up unknowingly in a web of intrigue.

Reader Charles Stacey gave Click five stars and commented: “Author has a wonderful ability to develop the characters using few words. Great foreshadowing to build suspense. And then a really outstanding twist at the end that left me smiling.”

Available for Sale


a-tale-of-hell150Short Story Collection: A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror
Publisher: Amazon Kindle (2016)
Genre: Horror

In this collection of published and previously unpublished stories of horror, Phil Slattery offers a look into the minds of people who perpetrate horrors, from acts of stupidity with unintended results to cold-hearted revenge to pure enjoyment to complete indifference. Settings range from 17th-century France in the heart of the werewolf trials to the Old West to the present and on to alien worlds in the distant future.

Available for Sale


the-scent150Short Story Collection: The Scent and Other Stories
Publisher: Amazon Kindle (2016)
Genre: General Literary

In this collection of short stories, Phil Slattery explores the cryptic side of relationships, the side kept not only from public view, but sometimes also from our mates. Set in the modern era, these stories range in setting from interracial love in the hills of 1970’s Kentucky to a mother’s confession in present-day New Mexico to the callous manipulation of a lover in Texas.

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