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Brian House has enjoyed a long career as a Kentucky trial lawyer while consistently writing across an array of diverse platforms. He has written travel articles describing his journeys to Alaska, Africa, and Canada. His short stories have appeared in regional publications while his poetry has been selected for public reading. His cancer survivor’s travel memoir The Butterfly Man was published in 2016. An updated version, The Seven Year Ride, was published in 2020. His novel Marilyn was published in 2020. His most recent novel Reich Stop was published in January 2023. He has a daily inspirational journal, You Matter, that will be published in March 2023.


Title: Reich Stop
Publisher: Corsair (2023)
Genre: Thriller

A government scientist working at a clandestine National Center for Medical Intelligence laboratory in New Mexico unlocks the secrets of ancient ghost DNA and creates a powerful gene therapy which possesses both humanitarian and military potential. He is kidnapped on a remote road in the southeastern New Mexico high country by an unknown group which makes no demands of any kind. The blame for the security breach falls on Defense Intelligence Agency Special Agent Sandy Wallace who will be out of a job unless she quickly recovers the kidnapped scientist. She calls her sometime boyfriend Brock Donegan, an American ex-French Foreign Legionnaire and current contract mercenary for the DIA, to find the scientist and the stolen formula. Donegan and his old friend and fellow mercenary Ox undertake the assignment and what soon follows is a level of death and destruction that is Brock Donegan’s stock in trade. What the government can never do, Brock Donegan does over and over again.

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Title: Marilyn
Publisher: Independently Published (2020)
Genre: Thriller

A childhood of abuse and a straight razor solution have landed Marilyn in a dead-end job as a waitress at a short order diner on El Paso’s south side within sight of the border with Juarez. Scarred from the long-ago abuse, she is content to wait tables and walk home at the end of her shift to her one room rental. She sees no change in her circumstances until the diner’s dishwasher Poncy hits her up with a proposal at the request of Xavier, his drug lord cousin from Juarez: Ride along as a drug mule on a heroin delivery that will take her from the south side of El Paso to Key West. The money is big, the work is easy, and a GPS will point the way. All she has to do is ride. Marilyn and Poncy soon find themselves betrayed and pursued by a past-his-prime Texas Ranger, Columbian assassins, Texas rednecks, and a Juarez hitman. It all seems hopeless until Marilyn and her razor take control.

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