Class Registration: Bagging Your First Magazine Assignment

Writing for Magazines:
Bagging Your First Magazine Assignment

A 2-Session Class with Melody Groves

Saturdays: September 10 and 17
9:00 am – noon
Location: SouthWest Writers Office
$79 SWW Members, $84 Osher Members; $89 Non-members

Thanks to the invention of the Internet, the opportunity to write for magazines is almost endless. With over 9,000 magazines published yearly, in addition to those online, the world is your oyster. But, there are tricks to bagging an assignment. So if you’ve got a good idea but don’t know where to go and how to start, look no more. This class is for you. In six hours we’ll cover:
♦ finding your story
♦ finding the market
♦ tweaking the same idea for different magazines
♦ writing a query that sells
♦ photo requirements
♦ approaching an editor. And that’s just for starters.

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