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I’m the author of four children’s books published by Clarion, Barefoot Books, and Scholastic (two), and am a produced playwright. I studied playwriting at the Yale School of Drama. I’ve had essays published in Newsweek, The Hartford Courant, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, etc. I’m currently working on a memoir titled Beyond Brooklyn.

My writing advice: Keep your butt on the chair. Be persistent. Don’t give up. Try to join a writers group and try to attend SWW meetings. Also, read a lot — books and magazines.


Title: Beyond Brooklyn: A memoir
Publisher: Adelaide Books (August 5, 2022)
Genre: Memoir

In Beyond Brooklyn Edith Tarbescu tells her own story, but many readers will also recognize themselves in her compelling life-scenes and mini-play scripts. The daughter of immigrant Jews, transplanted with her New York roots largely intact first to Connecticut and then to New Mexico, Tarbescu keeps sane by making witty habitats out of words. Every visitor to her constructs is in for a treat.” — Ann Z. Leventhal, author of Life-Lines, Among the Survivors, and The Makings of a Nobody

“Tarbescu takes you on an emotional and eventful journey of a woman determined to find her voice. Along the way she lends that voice to the characters in her plays. The laughter, the pain, the loss, the love. All of these voices creating the choir of life. I couldn’t put it down.” — Margaret Champagne, Actress, Standup Comic

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Title: One Will: Three Wives
Publisher: Adelaide Books (December 28, 2020)
Genre: Mystery

One Will: Three Wives is packed with a large array of interesting suspects — all of whom could be a murderer — and a roller coaster ride of plot twists. A cameo by the Russian Mafia, the theft of a shelter dog, hints of betrayal and romance and a well-drawn depiction of winter in New York City add to the story’s complications and appeal.” ~ Anne Hillerman, New York Times best-selling mystery author

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Articles/Essays/Short Stories

“Remembering Richard” ♦ The Christian Science Monitor
“BELFAST BLUES” ♦ Adelaide Magazine, July 2019 ♦ Genre: Drama

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