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We have reached capacity for the Awards Banquet and have shut down registration for the conference. Depending on cancellations, there may still be seats available. Please call the SWW office for an update: 505-830-6034. There will be no on-site registration.

Visit these conference pages:
Main Conference Page
Location & Hotel Information

The following is a list of those who registered for the conference (full, half, and banquet only) on the SWW website as of September 3.

Conference Registrants

Russell Alberti – Half Conf
Chris Allen – Full Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Janice Badal – Half Conf
Alan Bern – Banquet Only
Kari Bovee – Full Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Jacque Boyd – Full Conf
Janet Brennan – Half Conf
E. Joe Brown – Full Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Julie Brozek – Full Conf
John Candelaria – Full Conf
Judith Candelaria – Banquet Only
Gloria Casale – Full Conf
Margo Chamberlain – Half Conf
Jonathan Chisdes – Full Conf
Mary Lou Christian – Banquet Only (2)
Colleen Clabby – Full Conf
Brenda Cole – Full Conf
Captain Megan Coley – Full Conf
Ruth Crocker – Full Conf
Shalene Cruz – Full Conf
Sonja Dewing – Half Conf
Charlene Dietz – Full Conf
Robert Edwards – Half Conf (2)
Mary Therese Ellingwood – Half Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Colin Ennen – Full Conf
William Fisher – Full Conf
Roger Floyd – Full Conf
Dale Garratt – Full Conf
Ramesh Gopal – Half Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Sherry Gross – Full Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Geoff Habiger – Full Conf
Loretta Hall – Full Conf
Joyce Hertzoff – Full Conf
Sandi Hoover – Full Conf
Kaylynn Johnsen – Full Conf
Rose Kern – Full Conf
Robert Kidera – Full Conf
Jonatha Kottler – Half Conf
Stuart Kupferman – Banquet Only
Virginia Kupferman – Full Conf (2)
Tammie Lamphere – Full Conf
Joe Machney – Full Conf
Crystal Marchigiani – Full Conf
Lisa McCoy – Full Conf
George McFall – Half Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Nathan McKenzie – Banquet Only (2)
Michael McLean – Half Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Mark Merzweiler – Full Conf
RJ Mirabal – Full Conf
Molly Moeglein – Full Conf
Elaine Montague – Full Conf
Gary Montague – Banquet Only
Guest Montague – Banquet Only
Dawnn Moore – Full Conf
Madeleine Mozley – Half Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Brent Neil – Banquet Only (2)
Evelyn Neil – Half Conf
Thomas Neiman – Full Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Joyce Phillips – Half Conf
W. Howard Plunkett – Half Conf
Benjamin Radford – Half Conf
Vicky Ramakka – Full Conf
Lauren Roberts – Full Conf
Sharon Rollins – Banquet Only
Kimberly Rose – Banquet Only (4)
Theodore Sahlstrom – Full Conf
Kay Shaw – Full Conf
Robert Speake – Banquet Only (2)
Rob Spiegel – Full Conf
Donna Spitzmiller – Banquet Only
Rhenna St Clair – Half Conf
Dana Starr – Full Conf
Joshua Steinhauer – Full Conf
Frank Stephens – Banquet Only (2)
Gail Summers – Full Conf
Ken Summers – Banquet Only
Susan Turner – Full Conf
Kathy Wagoner – Full Conf
Walter Walkow – Banquet Only
Barbara E. Warne – Full Conf
Dan Wetmore – Full Conf
Dollie Williams – Banquet Only
John Williams – Full Conf + 1 Extra Banquet Meal
Marcia Williams – Full Conf
Judith Willmore – Full Conf
Bob Worthington – Full Conf
Ann Zeigler – Full Conf
Dane Zeller – Full Conf

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