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Lu Evans


Children’s, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Screenplays, Stageplays


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Lu Evans (Luciene Evans) is a Brazilian-American writer, playwright, anthologist, editor, and translator. She graduated as a Journalist in Brazil.

She began her artistic career as a ballerina, and migrated to the theater in her late teens, working as an actress, producer, choreographer, and director. At that time, she started writing plays. Some of her plays have been staged in Brazil.

She also participates in anthologies published by several Brazilian publishers, magazines, and websites, and organized more than 20 collections. She has written forewords for several books.

Evans is now organizing international anthologies, and she also coordinates the project Fantastic Literature by Women, listing female writers who produce the fantastic genre.



Genre: Dystopia
Published 2022

What would you do if even the simplest of your dreams were a sin? How far would you go to protect someone you love?

In the not-so-distant future, a new order raises to power after intelligent machines try to seize power. Now, humans live isolated on small estates, doing what the government – known as the Fraternitatem – says is best.

In this new world, dreaming is forbidden. To prevent dreams, the Fraternitatem provides medications to the people, and everyone is encouraged to seek help for family members suffering from the nocturnal ailment.

In this dark and repressive scenario live Cassiel and Alexus, two teenagers who just want to get through one more day of hard work on the family’s farm, but end up involved in a dangerous political intrigue.

Available for sale at and Barnes & Noble.

Robotic Dramas & Other Futuristic Short Stories


Genre:  Sci-fi
Published 2022

Eleven science fiction short stories. Ebook and Print Versions.

Available for sale on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Genre: Romantic Sci-fi
Published 2018

*This is a romantic Sci-fi. If you do not like the genre, then you will not like this novel.

Madison’s having a lousy day after separating from her husband. But, since things can always get worse, she’s taken by a flying saucer. HILI is a science fiction story about contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. The theme is nothing new to fans of the genre, but the story also explores the limits of one’s own sanity and capacity to preserve their life and the existence of their race. With many surprises and twists, HILI opens with the abduction of Madison De Marco, a famous model. Madison wakes up in a metal chamber and is not alone. With her is a man who – although attractive – does not appear to be human. After the initial shock, Madison will eventually learn why she’s on the spaceship and where she’s going. She realizes that things aren’t exactly as they seem and she may be in trouble aboard this ship

Available on Google Books and Amazon.

Additional Works by Lu Evans

THE CHRISTMAS EGG, this short story is part of the anthology An Exchange of Gifts – 2021, the result of a literary contest promoted by Bardsy Publishing, USA, in which Evans was a finalist. It can be read for free.

VISITING THE BLACK KNIGHT, a short story translated by Marcia Terra. An old rumor about an artificial extraterrestrial satellite orbiting the Earth for centuries is finally confirmed but world authorities. Now, a brave astronaut is on a mission to enter the machine and investigate it.

Other Selected works written in English/Portuguese:

“Hili” (romantic science fiction – English/Portuguese)
“Santa Dragon” (juvenile Christmas adventure by Lu and Dandara Evans – English/Portuguese)
“Somniis” (dystopia by Lu Evans and Graci Rocha – English/Portuguese)
“The Princess of the Waters” (fantasy – English/Spanish/Portuguese)
The Flaming Prince (fantasy – English/Spanish/Portuguese)
“Robotic Dramas & Other Futuristic Short Stories” (science fiction – English/Spanish/Portuguese)
Visitantes Nocturnos & Otras Narrativas Sobrenaturales (dark fantasy – Spanish/Portuguese)

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