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In a previous life, E. H. Hackney earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering, worked in the aerospace industry in radar and electro-optics and helped raise two children. In this life, he found and married his soulmate, and he writes, reads, hikes, rides bicycles and plays jazz guitar on the eastern skirts of the Sandia Mountains of central New Mexico.

E. H. Hackney’s first published writings were articles and essays which appeared in the Mountain View Telegraph, The Independent, East Mountain Living Magazine, Albuquerque the Magazine and SouthWest Sage. After writing a clumsy 50,000-word novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2010, he started a young adult book, then an action adventure, followed by a political thriller. None of these books were finished.

In 2012 he wrote a short story about a dwarf wizard and healer being called out to treat an injured child. That story grew into a novel, which turned out to be the first book of a trilogy. He self-published By the Blood, Book One, Revelation in 2013. He has written about 80,000 words of the first draft book two, which he plans to publish in 2016.

In his spare time he is working on what might be called a self-help book about how to live life. If it is ever published, the subtitle will be “Life lessons from seventy years of dumb decisions, most of which seemed like good ideas at the time.”


ByTheBloodCover150Title: By the Blood
Sub-title: Book One, Revelation
Genre: Fantasy

Quint is a wizard and healer—and a dwarf, abandoned by his mother as an infant, and tortured by his stunted, distorted body. While treating an injured child he discovers a mysterious burning beetle that foretells the return of the Great Wolves and their companions the Torg, an ancient and long forgotten enemy of his people. Drawn into a quest for the Torg and his own history, Quint and his apprentice are threatened by their companions, outlaws, the Great Wolves and the Torg. As the wizard confronts his origins, his world is shaken, and he doesn’t know that of all the dangers he faces his own heritage may be the most deadly.

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