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Lucille Friedland, M.S. Marketing Trouble-Shooter, Consultant, Business/Personal Coach, Friedland Marketing ( & Creator of and other companies. “The purpose of my life, books, and companies is to create prosperity, health, and well-being for all.” Lucille brings over 26 years of successful marketing and strategic planning expertise. She has won over a dozen awards and honors in her field, including international ones. In 1996, she established Friedland Marketing that she still runs today. While open to almost all types of clients, she specializes in cases where people are having problems making their marketing work or they want to grow their business from a cocoon to a butterfly. Her former clients have grown up to 30 fold in revenues and valuation when they stayed with her long-term. Formerly, Lucille served as a senior judge for an international competition for media and marketers called The Dalton Pen. For two terms, Lucille served as Co-Director of the Independents’ Roundtable for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Silicon Valley Chapter. Among dozens of past clients include HP/Agilent Technologies, United Way, The Redevelopment Agency of The City of San Jose, and Underwood & Rosenblum, Inc. civil engineers and land surveyors. Lucille has extensive experience marketing for many clients in each of the following fields: government, high tech, health/medical, nonprofits, small business & consulting firms, American Indian projects, book projects, construction/ building projects, legal projects, financial projects, professional associations & awards programs. She earned Master’s Degree in a marketing related field from San Jose State University (SJSU), B.A. in English from Brandeis University, & more.


cover-you-can-prosper150Title: YOU CAN PROSPER: How To Do More With Less
Publisher: RainbowExchange.NET Books (2016)
Genre: Non-Fiction How-To & Spirituality

“Live long and prosper,” alien Spock famously said on Star Trek as he held up his signature hand sign. Today, many people here on Earth want to live better with what they have as well. Some may even find that they have less money than they thought that they would. You can discover many ways of enjoying life and living longer here in this book. It explains how to do so in a way that you can save money, save time, prepare and follow a budget, plus live spiritually. Often based on recent research studies, I share ideas new and classic. In almost all cases, I have tried and/or regularly do these items myself. This book also shows you how as the title says “You Can Prosper: How to Do More With Less.”

What is the need for this book? “Average American Household Debt Estimated to be $90K,” announced a news headline on AOL in 2016. The article stated, “Limited to debtors, …average [U.S. family debt] rises to a staggering $130,922–with $15,762…from credit cards alone….” source: Nerdwallet.

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