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Maureen has an M.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of New Mexico. She has studied with Harry Lawton, Rudy Anaya, John Nichols, Matthew McDuffie, and Digby Wolfe. She has worked on Southern California newspapers and magazines; taught various writing courses throughout the community colleges in New Mexico and, with her husband Jonathan Harnisch, founded Fat Man Media, which produced the award-winning On the Bus, a short film they also wrote. Maureen also adapted Will McIntosh’s short story “Followed” into an award-winning short film.

Short Stories/Memoir

“Together Apart: Lilly and Her Mother”
Anthology: Passages: A Corrales Writing Group Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (2017)

Passages is the fourth anthology from the Corrales Writing Group. It contains not only humor, fiction, essay, and memoir but the creative work of nineteen artists from the Corrales area. Passages contains all interior artwork in glorious color.

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Currents Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology150“A Bracketed Reality”

Currents: Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology

Publisher: CreateSpace (2015)
Genre: Mixed

Currents is an anthology of work from the Corrales Writing Group for the year 2015. It includes humor, fiction, essays and memoir.

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