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Jasmine Tritten grew up in Denmark and studied art in Europe. In 1964 she immigrated to the U.S. where she obtained a degree in Interior Design and later a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a minor in English. Her second love is writing. She has been journaling since childhood. Her memoir, The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane, was published in 2015. Jasmine’s children’s story Kato’s Grand Adventure, co-authored with her husband Jim, was published in 2018. Kato initially appeared in the Corrales Writing Group 2014 Anthology (this book was awarded a Silver Medal by the Military Writers Society of America [MWSA]) and in two animal rescue fund raising anthologies: Rescue Me: Purrfect Companions, December 2016, and Write to Meow 2017. Slightly different versions of two memoir chapters “Mother’s Day in Bolivia” and “Recovery” were published separately, the first by SouthWest Writers and the second by MWSA. In September 2016, Silver Birch Press published “Coast-to-Coast Nightmare” as a part of their When I Moved Series. Jasmine’s chapter “Terror” appears in From the Frontlines to the Home Front: New Mexicans Reflect on War, December 2016. Catching Calliope and SouthWest Sage each have published a short story by Jasmine. One of these was awarded a First Place in an SWW writing competition. She also won an Honorable Mention in another contest. In 1998 she had a poem published in Tranquil Rains of Summer: The National Library of Poetry. Jasmine resides in enchanting Corrales, New Mexico with her husband and five cats, where she pursues her art and writing.


Title: Kato’s Grand Adventure
♦ Co-author: Jim Tritten
Publisher: CreateSpace (2018)
Genre: Children’s

An adventure story written from the perspective of a lost kitten. Kato is the cutest little gray/black striped young male cat with white paws and a rusty colored nose. He sets out to look for his missing sister. In the process he gets lost in the woods by a rushing stream. With the help of a rabbit, then an owl, and finally a coyote he overcomes many obstacles on his journey. Assisted by newfound friends, Kato is reunited with his sister and arrives safely at home. Kato’s Grand Adventure is perfect to read-aloud to children and grandchildren at an early age. It can then be a first chapter book for anyone with a 4th or 5th grade reading level. Original illustrations by the author.

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JourneyofAn AdventuresomeDane150Title: The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane
Publisher: CreateSpace (2015)
Genre: Memoir

The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane is a memoir by Jasmine Tritten recounting life-altering events encompassing a span of seventy years. She explores the meaning of courage, taking chances, overcoming fears and obstacles, recovery, growth and change. A woman’s evolution, an odyssey across time and place. The first part of the memoir takes place in Nazi-occupied Denmark where the author was born during World War II. Her childhood memories were eclipsed by the suicide of her father when she was twelve years old. She explains why and how at twenty-one she left her country. The flip of a Danish coin determined her destination in America. In the second part of the book Jasmine courageously boards a Norwegian ocean liner and arrives in New York with a “green card.” Seeking peace in her soul, she takes a train bound for San Francisco but ends up in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea in California. The third part describes the awakening of her art spirit, exploring new surroundings, marriage, and performing as a belly dancer with sword and snakes. Years later she heals from a divorce by traveling to Morocco and Egypt. An accident in La Jolla forces her to get in touch with her inner self. Jasmine Tritten ends the memoir with her recovery from many trials and errors to finding her prince and settling down. Llamas as pets and frequent trips abroad become part of her life. The continuous thirst for adventure takes her zip-lining at 10,000 feet between two mountain tops in Angel Fire, New Mexico, on her seventieth birthday

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Short Stories

“Kato’s Grand Adventure” ♦ Co-author: Jim Tritten
Anthology: Write To Meow 2017
Publisher: Grey Wolfe Publishing, LLC (April 2018)

We believe in the power of the pen. We believe that literacy is an important part of a successful life. We are committed to saving cats of every age, size, and habitat from death row, and we need your help.

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“Kato’s Grand Adventure” ♦ Co-author: Jim Tritten
Anthology: Rescue Me: Purrfect Companions
Publisher: CreateSpace (December 2016)

Nine lives, four paws and endless furry antics to entertain us. Cats are creatures of habit but what happens when those they love and trust cast them out? They end up in shelters or on the streets all across the world. Their habits become shaken and they must adapt. It is extremely difficult for them to learn to trust again. There are those that are willing to take the time however. Cats are calming, lovable animals that can purr their way into your heart without you even realizing it. If you take the chance to adopt or foster one of these incredible balls of fluff you will find yourself bending over backward just to hear their adorable meow and snuggle with them at night. They are work but they are worth it. It is too bad we don’t have nine lives as well. Perhaps then we would have enough time to repay all of the joy and love they bring into our lives.

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Anthology: From the Frontlines to the Home Front: New Mexicans Reflect on War
Publisher: Museum of the American Military Family (December 2016)

Unlike World War II, when the war effort was shared by all, the role of the entire family in a military deployment has been overlooked. Yet moms and dads serve as well, as do husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, along with other loved ones. Military service is a family affair as the stories and poems in the volume testify.

Written by New Mexico veterans as well as family members and others with close connections to someone in uniform, each reflection contributes to a rich understanding of what it means to contribute to military life by those out of uniform as well as those who wear one.


CorralesWritingGroupAnthology“Kato’s Grand Adventure” ♦ Co-author: Jim Tritten
Anthology: Corrales Writing Group 2014 Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (2015)

“Kato’s Grand Adventure” is a children’s story about a lost kitten. It is a hero’s journey. Co-authored with her husband Jim Tritten.

This anthology is a compilation of work written by members of the Corrales Writing Group, located in central New Mexico. It includes memoirs, humor, philosophy, fantasy, poignancy, whimsy and fiction that will make the reader laugh, cry, smile, and reminisce. Topics range from romance, to travel, multiple types of aviation, jokes, the meaning of life, sailing, village life, close encounters with wild animals, a burial, an automobile accident, a bedtime and a children’s story.

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Anthology: Hope and Courage: Military Writers Society of America 2015 Anthology
Publisher: Red Engine Press (September 2015)

Military Writers Society of America Preserving Military History One Story at a Time Founded by Vietnam veteran and author W. H. (Bill) McDonald, Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) focuses on three main goals: writing for healing, education, and preservation of history. Each year MWSA publishes a collection of works submitted by the membership, including essays, poetry, articles, short fiction, drawings, and photos. This year, the theme is Courage and Hope.

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Anthology: Catching Calliope, Winter 2015 (Number 4)
Publisher: Swimming with Elephants Publications (2015)

The Winter 2015 collection of Creative Writing from the Rio Rancho Creative Writing Community.

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StorytellersAnthology_FrontCover2“Mothers Day in Bolivia”
Anthology: The Storyteller’s Anthology
Publisher: CreateSpace (2013)

Dozens of SWW members (aided by best-selling authors) donated prose, poetry and photos to produce this first-class anthology. Inside you will find a hard-hitting introduction by Anne Hillerman, daughter of beloved southwestern mystery master, the late Tony Hillerman; a killer short story by the thriller king himself, David Morrell; a short story that’s southwestern to the bone by Chuck Greaves; and a tale with a southern twist by SWW member Sarah Storme/Baker. Eleven short stories follow, along with five book excerpts, three memoirs, eight essays and nonfiction offerings, and nine poems—recommended for those not into poetry—complete this fine collection. The Land of Enchantment will come to life before your eyes in the original prose, poetry and photos presented in The Storyteller’s Anthology.

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Other Short Stories

“Coast-to-Coast Nightmare” ♦ Silver Birch Press / September 2, 2016
♦ Part of WHEN I MOVED Poetry and Prose Series


Tranquil-Rains-of-Summer3“My Friend”
Title: Tranquil Rains of Summer
Publisher: The National Library of Poetry (1998)

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