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The SWW Directory of Professionals

The Directory is our answer to the increasing number of inquiries for services including editing, critiquing, publishing, marketing, and artwork.

The SWW Pro Directory does not advocate any specific individual or business. It is a simple listing of those who have indicated they are available. There are nine sections to the directory: Artists, Business, Coaching, Editing, Promotion, Publishing, Speakers, Websites, and Writers for Hire.

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Instructions for Applicants

SWW members can be listed in up to two sections free of charge. Non-Members must pay a fee. Ad space is also available.

Read through the information on this page before completing the Application to submit to SWW. Call the SWW office (505-830-6034) with any questions.

The Directory attempts to cover all areas related to writing. The nine major sections in which applicants can choose to submit their entries are:

Section One: Artists, Illustrators, Photographers including book cover artists.

Section Two: The Business of Writing includes entries for those who can help authors set up a business legally, give advice on taxes (income and gross receipts), basic bookkeeping.

Section Three: Coaching, Mentoring — Persons who are available to give advice on writing in general or specific to various genres including Memoir and Poetry.

Section Four: Editing, Critique, Proofreading, Research (See description in that section)

Section Five: Promotion, Marketing, Media includes creating press kits, print media (flyers/business card/bookmarks), Marketing advice and strategies (book signings, advertising options), writing press releases and Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and coaching on how to give personal appearances.

Section Six: Publishing — Individuals and New Mexico based companies who are engaged in either Traditional Publishing, Concierge Publishing, or can give advice/training on Self-Publishing options. Also includes persons who do formatting for print books, eBooks, and thesis papers.

Section Seven: Speakers and Presenters — Persons who can give presentations on topics related to writing.

Section Eight: Website and Blogging advice, building and maintenance.

Section Nine: Writing — Authors for hire in one of the following areas: Ghost Writing, Journalist/Magazine Articles, Script Writing, Technical Writers, Song Writing, Freelance Writers, Poetry.


SouthWest Writers members may be listed in up to two sections free of charge. If they wish to be listed in the other sections they will be charged $10 annually per extra section. Listing is contingent upon continued membership in SouthWest Writers.

Non-members must pay a fee of $25 to be listed in up to two sections and an additional $10 per extra section. This fee is good for one year only.

Entry Requirements

All entries will be allowed lines for a company and/or individual name and contact information including phone number, email address, and website. The entry can then include up to a 50 word description of the services which are offered.
NOTE: If applicant is listed in more than one section, the entries can have different descriptions of services.


In addition to a listing, anyone can purchase Ad space in the directory. The purchaser has the right to request which section the ad will be placed in. The ad can be in color or black and white. Ad fees cover inclusion in the directory for one year. Once placed and approved, to change the Ad in any way will incur a $10 service charge. All ads have to be fully finished and ready to post in the required format.

A finished ad will be in .jpg, or .gif format. Costs and sizes are:

0$25     Business Card size (3.5”W x 2”H)
0$50     Quarter Page Vertical (3.5”W x 5”H)
0$75     1/3 Page Horizontal (7.5”W x  3.5”H)
$100     Half Page Horizontal (7.3” W x 5”H)
$100     Half Page Vertical (3.5”W x 10”H)

General Information

To be listed in the SWW Directory of Writing Professionals an applicant must be qualified to perform the services for which they state they are available. This means the individual should have had training and/or experience for which they can provide references.

Individuals should be prepared to receive inquiries from the public by having references and a pricing structure. As a professional you should also not make promises to deliver services without a reasonable expectation of timely completion.

As an organization, SWW will not advocate, promote, or favor any person listed in the directory over any other. As calls come into our office for these services, the caller will be directed to research the directory and make their own choices.

Although SWW will not actively police the entries in the directory, we expect all applicants to treat their customers with professional courtesy. SWW reserves the right to expel any entry.

The Directory will be updated at least quarterly.

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