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Steve Bennett is a native of San Diego, California, and came to New Mexico when he accepted an athletic scholarship (football) from New Mexico State University in 1968. After graduation, Bennett worked as a teacher, coach, and school administrator for 37 years. Throughout that time, he worked with every age group from kindergarten to college, teaching a wide variety of subjects. As an educator, he is a New Mexico Teacher of the Year nominee and New Mexico State University Outstanding Alumnus in the College of Education. Upon retirement, Bennett worked in journalism for three New Mexico newspapers. During that time, he developed a passion for writing and—as a result—he returned to a tragic event from his youth, a multiple homicide. In 1964, an 18-year-old divinity student murdered his father, mother, sister and brother. Citizens in California and throughout the nation were thoroughly shocked because of the violence and the belief that the killer was ‘the nicest guy you’d ever meet.’ During Bennett’s career in teaching, he worked with many students who were violent or otherwise disturbed. Such students always brought to mind the troubled young man from 1964. His book, His Own Flesh and Blood, is his attempt to answer the “why” of his crime.


Title: His Own Flesh and Blood
Publisher: BookBaby/2023
Genre: True Crime

On August 15, 1964, citizens of San Diego were shocked when they read the headline, “Homicidal Maniac Strikes, Family of Four Murdered.” But the killer was 18-year-old Raymond Goedecke, the oldest son. When reporters sought information, all they heard was, “Ray’s the nicest guy you could meet, he wanted to be a minister.” Despite his Christian image, he was sentenced to death. Later, his sentence was reduced enabling him to escape death, collect money from his family’s estate and gain parole. Now free, Raymond shared an apartment with a woman, but the relationship turned sour. When her body was found dumped in the country, Raymond returned to jail. After his parole, he took the job as a church choir director—no one was aware of his criminal past. In 1992, the church was deliberately set on fire. To this day, the church pastor believes Raymond was the arsonist.

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