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SouthWest Writers (SWW) and the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) are co-hosting a joint writing conference in Albuquerque from Thursday, September 12 through Saturday, September 14, 2019. Read the conference overview here.

Visit these conference pages:
Location & Hotel Information
Full and Half Conference
Awards Banquet Only

Contest Information:
Both the SWW Short Prose & Poetry Contest and the Annual MWSA Book Contest are now closed. Winners will be announced at the conference awards banquet on Saturday night, September 14.

Conference Cost

Conference Location

The Hotel Albuquerque is hosting the Joint Writing Conference. Click here for the Google Map. Go the Conference Location page for more information and for details about room reservations.

Conference Registration

Visit the Registration Page to choose full- or half-conference options. An option to attend only the awards banquet is available here. Also, make sure to choose your banquet meal by visiting this link on the MWSA site — you do not have to be a member of MWSA or SWW to use the form.

Book Sales

Registered attendees for the joint SWW/MWSA writing conference can sell their books during the conference via a routine process for SWW—a table on which the authors put their books with a price marked, and someone manages the sale of those books—in this case SWW will manage the sales at tables that will be provided.

For those who want SWW to manage all sales (see below), there will be a 10% cost to defray SWW costs for credit cards and mailings.

There will also be a separate table where authors can simply display their books. If another attendee wishes to buy a book from that table, the author is free to work out the sale with the purchaser.

The Book Sales table managed by SWW will be handled as follows:
Author will bring up to 5 copies each of their books to the Sales table on Friday morning. If those 5 copies sell out, the author can replenish the stock. The author is required to retrieve whatever books have not been sold by the end of the conference on Saturday. Books not picked up will not be mailed to the author.

After the event, the SWW office manager will tally up how many books were sold and checks will be cut and posted to the authors equal to the sale price of the book minus a 10% processing fee. This fee covers SWW credit charges, and charges related to cutting and mailing checks to the authors. Checks to the authors should be in the mail no later than the following Friday.

If you have questions, please email SouthWest Writers or call the SWW office at 505-830-6034.

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