Voting: Executive Committee & Bylaws Change

Electronic voting for the Executive Committee positions of President and Vice President is now open. To cast your vote, click this link.

Early electronic voting will close at the end-of-day on 30 September 2020 and re-open again the morning of the Annual Business (Zoom) Meeting — Saturday, October 3 — from 10:00–10:30, mirroring the voting procedures during a typical in-person SWW meeting.

All votes must be cast by 10:30 am on 03 October 2020. The results will be announced by the end of the Annual Business Meeting.

To vote by USPS, contact the SWW office at 505-830-6034 or

Below are the items SWW members will be voting for on this year’s ballot. Read about the Executive Committee Nominees here and the Current Bylaws, here.

Items on the Ballot:

Item #1: Bylaw Article V Revision
Proposed change (in blue) to SWW Bylaws to enable timely action by the board in emergency circumstances.

Article V: Revision or Amendment of Bylaws
Section 1. Day-to-Day

Any SWW member in good standing may propose changes to these bylaws by submitting them to the Board in writing. The bylaws committee shall forward these changes to the board for consideration, with voting at the next regular Board meeting. The bylaws may be revised or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) approval by the Board and then, with at least thirty (30) days’ notice to the membership, ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) of members voting at the SWW annual business meeting.

Section 2. Temporary (Emergency Proviso)

In the event extenuating circumstances require action prior to the Annual Meeting to avoid adversely affecting the organization, temporary measures will become effective upon Board approval. Membership will be apprised immediately thereafter and a vote for ratification will be solicited at the next Annual Meeting.

In regards to the change shown above, vote to approve or disapprove this change.

Item #2: Executive Board Election
A) Secretary Pat Walkow and Treasurer Jennifer Black will each continue in the second year of their two-year term.

B) As currently stated in the SouthWest Writers Bylaws, our President, Rose Kern, is not authorized to serve a second consecutive year. However, no other candidates have stepped forward and Rose is willing to serve for an additional consecutive year.

Accordingly, a vote for Rose Kern does require a vote of approval for the Article V Bylaw revision in Item #1 of this ballot.

SWW Board President Vote: Rose Kern (Yes or No)

SWW Board Vice-President Vote: Brenda Cole (Yes or No)

TO CAST YOUR VOTE, click this link.

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