Workshop Registration: Writing from Photo to Finish

Writing from Photo to Finish

A 2-hour Workshop with Elizabeth Sloan

May 7
Saturday, 12:30 – 2:30 pm
Location: New Life Presbyterian
(after the Saturday morning meeting)

$29 SWW Members, $34 Osher Members, $39 Non-members

Do you have a photo, letter, or object representing someone you would like to remember in an essay, memoir, or novel? Bring it along to share at this practical writing workshop. Elizabeth Sloan will share the interactive research and writing process that led her to turn historical/biographical facts into a reflective memoir with movie-like images, characters, dialogue, motifs, and scenes. Workshop participants are led through a number of image-inspired and lateral-thinking exercises in order to create a handmade instabook about a person or subject. An array of images is provided as prompts, but bringing your personal photos, letters, or other ephemera is encouraged. Simple writing tools of pen and paper are recommended over use of electronic devices! The many works posted on Elizabeth Sloan’s website ( provide examples of how creating a cover design, title, and figurative language can inspire new directions for any writing topic and genre.

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