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VW Massie, Natalie Bennett


Articles, Erotica, Fantasy, Mystery, Poetry, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller


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Nat Burns retired from a publishing career in Virginia and became a full-time novelist in 2007. Since then she has published twelve novels with three publishers. Three more are under contract for release later this year and in early 2018.

During her ten years as a journalist, she won two Virginia Press Association awards, as well as honors from Writer’s Digest, Muse Magazine, Writers in Virginia, The Virginia Writers Club (VWC), Piedmont Writing Institute, and Writers of the Future. She taught journalism and creative writing as part of the Writers in Virginia program and worked with the Small Press Writers and Artist Organization for many years, serving one year as president. Since becoming a novelist, she won one Goldie award and was voted a finalist twice. She also won the 2011 Alice B. Lavender Certificate for her novel Two Weeks in August. Her poem “Womanwalk” won first place in the local Virginia Writing Club contest and third place in the VWC state competition. Other poems have appeared in Lynchburg Magazine, The Wishing Well, Muse Magazine, Witness to the Bizarre, and Worlds of Surrealism. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her short story “Diverse Delusions.” As an editor, Burns worked with VA NOW, Byrd Newspapers, County of Nelson and Carden Jennings Publishing. She edited the fiction anthology All Aboard, as well as the memoirs Pieces of Pie: Surviving Love by Pie Dumas and Excuse Me, Your God Is Waiting by Michelle Prosser.

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Title: Lights of the Heart
Publisher: Bella Books (2016)
Genre: Romance

Physician Corinthia Madsen Salas—Dr. Maddie—has a flourishing practice in the tiny southern town of Maypearl, Alabama. Although she’s on call for her patients 24/7, she keeps her personal life private—most notably the fact that she is in love with her new receptionist, Ella Lewis. To reveal the truth could be an ethical disaster for her career and her impeccable standing as a civic leader in the small town. Yet, even so, she wonders often if Ella’s shy glances indicate a return of affection or just workplace courtesy. Then the incredible happens, the two are thrust into revealing their feelings. After a blissful evening, Dr. Maddie is called out to a late night emergency and soon the worlds of both women turn completely upside down.

This new romance by award-winning author Nat Burns is filled with quirky patients, comedic office staff and, oh yes—love. Lots of love.

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Bella Books

Title: Nether Regions
Publisher: Bella Books (2015)
Genre: Romance

Delora November is a survivor-ask anyone in Redstar, Alabama, and they will tell you that. Her ex-husband put her in a burn ward and she came fighting back. She works three jobs and on the surface she’s keeping it together. Redstar itself works its own magic. When the thought of yet another hospital is too much, Delora turns to healer women she’s heard might help. In the quiet, breathing depths of Bayou Lisse she meets Sophie Cofe. It seems like magic indeed when Delora finds answers to questions she had yet to ask and cures for ills she had thought beyond fixing. But underneath her happiness there is still a lurking evil that can take away everything Delora—and Sophie—hold dear.

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Bella Books

Title: The Book of Eleanor
Publisher: Bella Books (2012)
Genre: Romance

On the list of things that Grey Graham thought she’d never do is hire a psychic. Her new bookstore on South Padre Island, however, appears to be haunted. Unable to explain why, she’s convinced that the restless ghost is her late partner, Mary. The locals tell her that psychic Angie June is the real deal, and she seeks out the young woman for help. Angie is desperate to save her local youth program, and a paying client is essential. There is definitely something off about the bookstore too, and she can sense that the spirit won’t be easy to vanquish. As the days go by she also finds that the ghost isn’t the only reason she’s drawn to the bookstore, but Grey is far more interested in the dead than the living.

Nat Burns brings the south Texas world alive as two women confront a haunting secret and their feelings.

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Bella Books

Title: Excuse Me, Your God is Waiting
♦ Michelle Epiphany Prosser, Author
♦ Nat Burns, Editor

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing (2008)
Genre: Self-Help

There are many books available now that teach us how to use the Law of Attraction to bring into reality the life we really want. Excuse Me, Your God Is Waiting puts God front and center in the process and in our lives. We not only benefit from Prosser’s many experiences but also from the numerous exercises she includes—exercises that allow us to get to know God, perhaps in a different way than we’ve ever experienced before. She shows us how to make God a part of each day, each experience, each trial, and each celebration.

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Title: Pieces of Pie
♦ Pie Dumas, Author
♦ Nat Burns, Editor

Publisher: Skye’s the Limit Publications (2005)
Genre: Memoir

Pieces of Pie tells a raw and candid story of Pie’s inner struggle with the bewildering implications of childhood incest—and for this reason alone, it’s a book for anyone who longs to reconnect with their authentic spirit. On another level, it is a richly detailed and readable travelogue and adventure story, which takes the reader … … from a drab inner office in Ohio where young Pie is forced by her father into years of child labor … to the carnival circuit, where she lugs her father’s merchandise display cases … to seedy, brutal underworld encounters, affairs with black men, fashionable life in a swank Central Park apartment, and a private audience with the king of Thailand. Ultimately, this is an exhilarating tale of self-discovery, of a reunion of spirit, and of a full life that only really begins as the last page is turned.

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Too many to list ♦ 1980-2017 ♦ See

Poetry Collections

Anthology: Gospel
Publisher: Troubadour Books by RCE (2013)

In summary, Genesis is the burgeoning of love, Psalms, the fruition of passion, and Revelation, the grief of loss. This book is unique in that it consists of small servings of emotion, whether glee, sadness, frustration or anger, and a myriad of women instead of one main protagonist. There is a thread of continuity between the three units and the resolved situations in each short story. It is erotic, sometimes graphic, and draws the reader into the highly charged world of women.

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Bella Books

Anthology: The Blue Ridge Anthology
Publisher: Cedar Creek Pub (2007)

This literary collection was compiled by the Charlottesville Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club.

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Bella Books

Articles/Short Stories/Collections

“Thanking Gertrude Stein” ♦ Bella Books (2013)
“Jefferson’s Way” ♦ Bella Books (2014)
“Hisss” ♦ Anthology: DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes ♦ Savage Tiki Digi Books (2011)
“Defenseless” ♦ Anthology: Girl Fever ♦ Cleis Press (2012)
Articles on business in Virginia ♦ Virginia Quarterly Review ♦ 2000
Collection of articles: The Wishing Well (out of print) ♦ 1980-1999
Other articles too many to list ♦ 1980-2017 ♦ See

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