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François-Marie Patorni is a French American independent scholar and policy change advocate living in Santa Fe. Born and raised in Paris, he received various degrees in France (Master’s Degrees in Mathematics and in Physics, 1966; alumnus of the Institute for Political Studies, Paris, 1967/68; post-graduate degree from the National School for Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry, 1968). He spent two years in rural Chad in the French equivalent of the Peace Corps, and some more time in Togo, Benin, and Algeria. He earned an MBA from the Wharton School (Philadelphia) in 1972. He then had a career at the World Bank in Washington D.C., including multi-year postings in India and Senegal, and decades of travel to Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

Patorni moved to New Mexico in 2004. He was an environmental advocate in the Santa Fe area, including being a member of City and County advisory committees, and president of the Santa Fe Watershed Association for seven years. He remains active in policy issues locally and internationally.


Title: The Politician’s Breviary
Published: French Legacy Press, 2021
Genre: Political Science

The Politician’s Breviary – A Companion to Leaders and Influencers and Those They Seek to Control, is the first translation into English of the seventeenth-century Breviarium politicorum, drawing inspiration from the legacy of Cardinal Jules Mazarin, King Louis XIV’s mentor and prime minister. The original 1684 Latin edition and subsequent editions over the following decades captivated readers as had Machiavelli’s The Prince a hundred and fifty years earlier. Yet, the Breviary’s principles and maxims that unveil how to achieve and retain power are even more relevant to guide today’s leaders and politicians. As long as the few wield power and influence over the many, the Breviary will benefit those ready to navigate the treacherous waters of secrecy, dissimulation, deception, subterfuge, maleficence, greed, and corruption at the local, national, and global levels.

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Title: The French in New Mexico
Published: French in America Press, 2020
Genre: History

In this first history of the French in New Mexico, the author chronicles the lives of French-speaking people who came mainly from France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands. The book traces their presence from the 1500s to present times. It tells stories of people from all walks of life, placing them in their historical and cultural context, pointing to more detailed readings and further research. What is now New Mexico was for centuries at the limit of the world known to Europeans. This book is offered as a contribution to the cultural resurrection of the French in New Mexico. It is for the thousands of New Mexicans who share a French ancestry. It is also for their distant cousins who remained in their original lands. And beyond direct family ties, it is for all those interested in the multicultural aspects of New Mexico’s history and society.

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