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Charlotte Tierney


Articles, Biography, Essays, Fantasy, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Spiritual, Children’s Stories, Motivational


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Char Tierney lives in central New Mexico. She learned to love to read while she was growing up in the beautiful Northwest in Salem, Oregon. Char is the middle child of fifteen, and has seven brothers and seven sisters. Oh, the stories they would tell! Fantasy and Speculative Fiction are her favorite genres.

Articles/Essays/Short Stories

“Gossamer Thread”
Anthology: StartleBloom ♦ Grand Canyon University (GCU) Literary Review, Volume 3 (2018)

A blind man stood on the edge of the promontory, launching forth filament after filament from his soul, until a cry for help came from behind him. Could he and an unseen, handicapped vet rescue the woman before the cries of his soul were answered? Based on a Walt Whitman poem.

Read for Free on Char’s website:

“Gossamer Thread”

“Nine Levels of Hell”
Sub-title: Dante just scratched the surface

This short story describes a journey through hell with the Archangel Gabriel as the guide. Nine levels, each one more thought-provoking than the one above. But, there is a surprise escape route at the end! A fast moving, satisfying tale of the possibilities. Not for the squeamish.

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Read for Free on Char’s website:

“Nine Levels of Hell”

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